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Saarbrücken Dissertations in Language Science and Technology

(Old title through volume 36: Saarbrücken Dissertations in Computational Linguistics and LanguageTechnology)

Volume 40

Magdelena Wolska
Students Language in computer-assisted tutoring of mathematical proofs
ISBN: 978-3-86223-111-9
297 Seiten
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Volume 39

Tina Kluewer
Social Talk Capabilities for Dialogue Systems
ISBN: 978-3-86223-173-7
195 Seiten
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Volume 38

Sven Schmeier
Exploratory Search on Mobile Devices
ISBN: 978-3-86223-136-2
166 Seiten
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Volume 37

Alexander Volokh
Performance-Oriented Dependency Parsing
ISBN: 978-3-86223-113-3
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Volume 36

Hendrik Zender
Situated Production and Understanding of Verbal References to Entities in Large-Scale Space
242 Seiten
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Volume 35

Bart Cramer
Improving the feasibility of precision-oriented HPSG parsing
ISBN: 978-3-933218-34-6
169 Seiten
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Volume 34

Mark Buckley
Modelling solution step discussions in tutorial dialogue
ISBN: 978-3-933218-33-9
182 Seiten
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Volume 33

Rui Wang
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Approaches to Recognizing Textual Entailment
ISBN: 978-3-933218-32-2
219 Seiten
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Volume 32

Hagen Fürstenau
Semi-supervised Semantic Role Labeling via Graph Alignment
ISBN: 978-3-933218-31-5
208 Seiten
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Volume 31

Stephan Walter
Definitionsextraktion aus Urteilstexten
ISBN: 978-3-933218-30-8
297 Seiten
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Volume 30

Rebecca Dridan
Using lexical statistics to improve HPSG parsing
ISBN: 978-3-933218-29-2
221 Seiten
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Volume 29

Aljoscha Burchardt
Modeling Textual Entailment with Role-Semantic Information
ISBN: 978-3-933218-28-5
255 Seiten
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Volume 28

Verena Rieser
Bootstrapping Reinforcement Learning-based Dialogue Strategies from Wizard-of-Oz data
ISBN: 978-3-933218-27-8
304 Seiten

Volume 27

Stefan Thater
Minimal Recursion Semantics as Dominance Constraints: Graph-Theoretic Foundation and Application to Grammar Engineering
ISBN: 978-3-933218-26-1
125 Seiten

Volume 26

Núria Bertomeu Castelló
A Memory and Attention-Based Approach to Fragment Resolution and its Application in a Question Answering System
ISBN: 3-933218-25-4
302 Seiten

Volume 25

Yi Zhang
Robust Deep Linguistic Processing
ISBN: 3-933218-24-7
150 Seiten
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Volume 24

Fei-Yu Xu
Bootstrapping Relation Extraction from Semantic Seeds
ISBN: 3-933218-23-0
159 Seiten

Volume 23

Gerhard Fliedner
Linguistically Informed Question Answering
ISBN: 3-933218-22-3
462 Seiten
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Volume 22

Ulrich Schaefer
Integrating Deep and Shallow Natural Language Processing Components
ISBN: 3-933218-21-6
350 Seiten
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Volume 21

Sebastian Padó
Cross-Lingual Annotation Projection Models for Role-Semantic Information
ISBN: 978-3-933218-20-9
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Volume 20

Péter Dienes
Statistical parsing with non-local dependencies
ISBN: 3-933218-19-5
260 Seiten
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Volume 19

Malte Gabsdil
Automatic Classification of Speech Recognition Hypotheses
Using Acoustic and Pragmatic Features
ISBN: 3-933218-18-7
228 Seiten

Volume 18

Elena Karagjosova
The Meaning and Function of German Modal Particles
ISBN: 3-933218-17-9
260 Seiten

Volume 17

Hui Xu
Topic Structure and Anaphora in Chinese
ISBN: 3-933218-16-0
274 Seiten

Volume 16

Andrea Kowalski
Nichtlokale semantische Phänomene: Fokus-Hintergrund-Struktur
und Ausnahmephrasen im Deutschen
ISBN: 3-933218-15-2
172 Seiten

Volume 15

Berthold Crysmann
Constraint-based Coanalysis:
Portuguese cliticisation and morphology-syntax interaction
ISBN: 3-933218-14-4
406 Seiten

Volume 14

Katrin Erk
Parallelism Constraints in Underspecified Semantics
ISBN: 3-933218-13-6
298 Seiten
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Volume 13

Silvia Hansen
The Nature of Translated Text:
An Interdisciplinary Methodology for
the Investigation of the Specific
Properties of Translations
ISBN: 3-933218-12-8
244 Seiten
The pdf can be found here

Volume 12

Johannes Bos
Underspecification and Resolution in Discourse Semantics
ISBN: 393321811x
174 Seiten

Volume 11

Sabine Lehmann
Towards a Theory of Syntactic Phenomena
ISBN 3-933218-10-1
287 Seiten

Volume 10

Wojciech Skut
Partial Parsing for Corpus
Annotation and TextProcessing
ISBN 3-933218-08-X
146 Seiten

Volume 9

Sonja Müller-Landmann
Corpus-based Parse Pruning:
Applying Empirical Data to Symbolic Knowledge
ISBN 3-933218-09-8
173 Seiten

Volume 8

Susanna Kuschert
Dynamic Meaning and Accomodation
ISBN 3-933218-07-1
196 Seiten

Volume 7

Brigitte Krenn
The Usual Suspects: Data-Oriented Models for Identification and
Representation of Lexical Collocations
ISBN 3-933218-06-3
214 Seiten

Volume 6

Thorsten Brants
Tagging and Parsing with Cascaded Markov Models - Automation of Corpus
ISBN 3-933218-05-5
174 Seiten

Volume 5

Tania Avgustinova
Word Order and Clitics in Bulgarian
ISBN 3-933218-04-7
184 Seiten
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Volume 4

Gregor Erbach
Bottom-Up Earley Deduction for Preference-Driven Natural Language
ISBN 3-933218-03-9
238 Seiten
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Volume 3

Klaus Netter
Functional Categories in an HPSG for German
ISBN 3-933218-02-0
282 Seiten
The full thesis can be found here

Volume 2

Hans-Ulrich Krieger
TDL - A Type Description Language for
Constraint-Based Grammars
Foundations, Implementation, and Applications
ISBN 3-933218-01-2
424 Seiten

Volume 1

Günter Neumann
Uniform Computational Model for
Natural Language Parsing and Generation
ISBN 3-933218-00-4
227 Seiten
The pdf can be found here