This is a sample of representative publications from the group. Please see the individual pages of group members for complete publications details.

Computational Modeling

  • Afra Alishahi, Afsaneh Fazly, Judith Koehne and Matthew Crocker. Sentence-based attentional mechanisms in word learning: evidence from a computational model. Frontiers in Psychology, 3:200, 2012. [pdf]
  • Jan Švantner, Igor Farkaš and Matthew Crocker. Modeling utterance-mediated visual attention during situated comprehension. Neural Network World, 22(2):85-101, 2012. [pdf]
  • Matthew Crocker, Pia Knoeferle and Marshall Mayberry. Situated Sentence Comprehension: The Coordinated Interplay Account and a Neurobehavioral Model. Brain and Language, 112(3), 2010. [pdf]
  • Matthew Crocker. Computational Psycholinguistics. In: Lappin, Clark and Fox (eds) The Handbook of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing, Blackwell, UK, 2010. [pdf]
  • Afra Alishahi and Suzanne Stevenson. Learning general properties of semantic roles from usage data: a computational model. Language and Cognitive Processes, 25:1, 50-93, 2010.
  • Marshall Mayberry, Matthew Crocker and Pia Knoeferle. Learning to Attend: A Connectionist Model of Situated Language Comprehension. Cognitive Science, 33(1):449-496, 2009.
  • Ulrike Pado, Matthew Crocker and Frank Keller. A Probabilistic Model of Semantic Plausibility in Sentence Processing. Cognitive Science, 33(5):794-838, 2009. [pdf]
  • Igor Farkas and Matthew Crocker. Syntactic systematicity in sentence processing with a recurrent self-organizing network. Neurocomputing, 71(7-9):1172-1179, 2008. [pdf]

Eye-tracking in Reading and Visual Worlds

  • Andrea Weber and Matthew Crocker. On the nature of semantic constraints on lexical access. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 41:195-214, 2012. [pdf]
  • Pia Knoeferle and Matthew Crocker. Constituent order and semantic parallelism in on-line comprehension: eye-tracking evidence from German. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 62(12):2338-2371, 2009.
  • Pirita Pyykkönen, Danielle Matthews and Jarvi Järvikivi. (2010). Three-year-olds are sensitive to semantic prominence during online language comprehension: A visual world study of pronoun resolution. Language and Cognitive Processes, 25:115-129.
  • Pyykkönen, P., Hyönä, J., & Van Gompel R.P.G. Activating gender stereotypes during online spoken language processing: Evidence from visual world eye tracking. Experimental Psychology, 57(2):126-133, 2010.
  • Pia Knoeferle and Matthew Crocker. The influence of recent scene events on spoken comprehension: evidence from eye-movements. Journal of Memory and Language (Special issue: Language-Vision Interaction); 57(2):519-543, 2007. [pdf]
  • Andrea Weber, Bettina Braun and Matthew Crocker. Finding Referents in Time: Eye-tracking Evidence for the Role of Contrastive Accents. Language and Speech. 49(3):367-392, (2006). [pdf]
  • Pia Knoeferle and Matthew Crocker. The coordinated interplay of scene, utterance, and world knowledge: evidence from eye tracking.Cognitive Science; 30(3):481-529, 2006. [pdf]
  • Andrea Weber, Martine Grice and Matthew Crocker. The role of prosody in the interpretation of structural ambiguities: a study of anticipatory eye movements. Cognition. 99(2):B63-B72, 2006. [pdf]

Embodiment and Situated Language Processing

  • Judith Koehne and Matthew Crocker. The interplay of cross-situational word learning and sentence-level constraints. Cognitive Science, in press. [pdf]
  • Alexander Koller, Konstantina Garoufi, Maria Staudte and Matthew Crocker. Enhancing referential success by tracking hearer gaze. In: Proceedings of the 13th Annual SIGdial Meeting on Discourse and Dialogue, Seoul, Korea, July 2012. (Best Paper Award) [pdf]
  • Maria Staudte and Matthew Crocker. Investigating Joint Attention Mechanisms through Spoken Human-Robot Interaction. Cognition, 120:268-291, 2011. [link]
  • Matthew Crocker, Pia Knoeferle and Marshall Mayberry. Situated Sentence Comprehension: The Coordinated Interplay Account and a Neurobehavioral Model. Brain and Language, 112(3), 2010. [pdf]
  • Maria Staudte and Matthew Crocker. Visual attention in spoken human-robot interaction, In: Proceedings of the 4th ACM/IEEE conference on Human-Robot Interaction, San Diego, March 2009. [pdf]
  • Pia Knoeferle, Boukje Habets, Matthew Crocker and Thomas Münte. Visual scenes trigger immediate syntactic reanalysis: evidence from ERPs during situated spoken comprehension. Cerebral Cortex, 18(4):789-795, 2008. [pdf]

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