Psycholinguistics Labs for Experimental and Computational Research.

The Psycholinguistics Group offers state of the art research facilities for conducting on-line and off-line experiments, corpus-based research and computational modeling.

Eye Tracking Labs

The visual-world paradigm monitors eye-movements in visual scenes which result from spoken linguistic stimuli. To support such experiments, the lab has:
  • Two Eye-Link 2, head-mounted eye-trackers, from SR Research.
  • Custom developed software for conducting visual word and reading experiments, and performing data analysis
  • Experiment Builder and Data Viewer software
  • All necessary software and hardware for preparation of visual and auditory materials
  • For experiments demanding especially high resolution eye tracking, such as reading, the lab has:
  • One Eye-Link 1000, remote eye-tracker (with chin rest), from SR Research.
  • This offers high temporal (1kHz) and spatial (0.25°) resolution, ideal for reading studies
The remote eye-tracking lab makes available two systems which enable recording of gaze without any physical connection with the participant.
  • One Tobii 2150 system, with the eye-tracking hardware embedded into the bezel of a 21" LCD Monitor.
  • E-Prime software for experiment design and execution.
  • Six FaceLab 5.0 remote eye-trackers, from Seeing Machines are cascaded to track head orientation and eye gaze in up to 270°. This enables us to monitor gaze in more immersive visual environments.


The recently established EEG/ERP lab support neurophysiological investigations of language processing:

Reaction Time Lab
For a range of response-time experiments, the lab has:
  • Two PCs equipped with serial response button-boxes, microphones
  • E-Prime software for developing and running various kinds of comprehension and production experiments.

Computing Infrastructure

The group has a network of modern Apple iMac and Mac Pro workstations which are served by Sun file/compute servers. Facilities include:
• Access to all major English and German corpora
• Software tools for corpus research
• Infrastructure for web-based psycholinguistic experiments
• Multi-platform software for statistical analysis, graphics, video and audio processing
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