Emanuel Winterfors


PhD candidate in applied mathematics       

Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions
BP 187
75252 Paris Cedex 05

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Blog on topics for my PhD


Research topics

Experimental design for nonlinear models
Uniqueness in inverse problems
Information theory


Andrew Curtis (homepage)
University of Edinburgh

Olivier Pironneau (homepage)
Université Pierre et Marie Curie


A Bifocal Measure of Expected Ambiguity in Bayesian Nonlinear Parameter Estimation, Winterfors and Curtis,  Technometrics 2012 Vol. 54, No. 2. doi:10.1080/00401706.2012.676953

Numerical Detection and Reduction of Non-Uniqueness in Nonlinear Inverse Problems, Winterfors and Curtis,  Inverse Problems 2008 Vol. 24, No. 2. doi:10.1088/0266-5611/24/2/025016

A computational 3D model for reconstruction of neural stem cells in bright-field time-lapse microscopy, Degerman, Winterfors, Faijerson and Gustavsson, Proceedings of the SPIE - Vol 6498 Computational Imaging V. (Eds. Bouman, Miller and Pollak) pp. 64981E, 2007

Single-Transition Coherence Transfer by Adiabatic Cross Polarization in NMR, Eykyn, Ferrage, Winterfors and Bodenhausen ChemPhysChem, 1, 217-221, 2000

Posters, slides etc.

Optimal Experimental Design for Nonlinear Models with Non-Gaussian Uncertainties, Winterfors and Curtis, DEMA Conference at the Newton Institute, Cambridge, 11 - 15 Aug 2008

The Fisher information in nonlinear experimental design, Winterfors, mODa8 Conference, Almagro 2007

Automated Survey Design for Nonlinear Problems, Winterfors and Curtis 2007

Technical reports

Survey Design Optimisation for Nonlinear Location Problems, Winterfors, 2007

Optimisation of Single Transition Cross Polarisation, Winterfors, Master's Thesis 2001

Short notes, tutorials
(open for online comments)

Mapping of a probability density, Winterfors, 2008

On the two different forms of Bayes’ rule, Winterfors, 2008

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