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Workshop Program

Invited speaker:

Jacob Eisenstein (Georgia Institute of Technology)


Thursday, October 1
9:00 Registration & Coffee
9:15 Welcome
9:30 DRDs in the spoken domain (Posters)
10:30 Coffee
11:00 DRDs in the spoken domain (Panel)
12:00 Lunch & Coffee
13:30 DRDs from a multilingual perspective (Posters & Panel)
15:30 Coffee
16:15 Invited talk by Jacob Eisenstein
(Georgia Institute of Technology)
Title: Predicting and Exploiting Discourse Relations
17:15 Reception
19:30 Dinner
Friday, October 2
8:45 Coffee
9:00 DRDs as cue phrases (Posters)
10:00 DRDs as cue phrases (Panel)
11:00 Coffee
11:15 General discussion
12:30 Sandwiches

Accepted papers

DRDs in the spoken domain

  • Maria Josep Cuenca
    Spoken discourse marking
    [Abstract Poster ]
  • Uladzimir Sidarenka, Matthias Bisping and Manfred Stede
    Applying Rhetorical Structure Theory to Twitter Conversations
    [Abstract Poster ]
  • Liesbeth Degand and Anne Catherine Simon
    Variation of Discourse Markers across a multi-genre corpus of spoken French
    [Abstract Poster ]
  • Svetlana Stoyanchev and Srinivas Bangalore
    Discourse in Customer Care Dialogues
    [Abstract Poster ]
  • Vera Demberg, Ines Rehbein and Merel Scholman
    Annotating discourse relations in spoken language: A comparison of the PDTB and CCR frameworks
    [Abstract Poster ]

DRDs from a multilingual perspective

  • Ludivine Crible
    DisFrEn : a richly annotated dataset for the contrastive and variationist study of discourse markers in speech
    [Abstract Poster ]
  • Giedre Valunaite-Oleskevičiene, Prof. Dr. Jolita Sliogeriene and Vilma Asijaviciute
    Adversative Conjuctions in Spoken Lithuanian and English
    [Abstract Poster Diagrams ]
  • Kerstin Anna Kunz, Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski and Anna Nedoluzhko
    Analysis of DRD-related Contrasts in Spoken Czech, English and German
    [Abstract Poster ]
  • Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk
    Polish and English emotional Event-Linking Devices of negativity clusters in spoken language ‐ a contrastive study
    [Abstract Poster ]

DRDs as cue phrases

  • Peter Furko
    The annotation of discourse markers in an English-Hungarian parallel corpus: parsing out the complex relationship between formal and functional features
    [Abstract Poster ]
  • Kaja Dobrovoljc
    A corpus-driven approach to identifying features of multi-word discourse markers in spoken Slovene
    [Abstract Poster ]
  • Catherine Lai and Johanna Moore
    Cue phrases in Spoken Language: Discourse Pragmatics at the Forefront
    [Abstract Poster ]
  • Klim Peshkov and Laurent Prévot
    A systematic approach to identify lexical makers in French conversations: A pilot study
    [Abstract ]

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