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   Name Talk Title
Invited Speakers
  Chris Brew (Columbus, OH) The breadth and depth of the computational lexicon
  Robin Cooper (Göteborg) Does (Gothenburg) dialogue system technology have anything to say about cognitive systems?
  Sanjeev Khudanpur (JHU) Maximum likelihood set for estimating a probability mass function
  Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová (Saarbrücken) The Talk Project
  Alissa Melinger & Sabine Schulte im Walde (Saarbrücken) Identifying semantic relations and functional properties of human verb associations
  Miles Osborne (Edinburgh) Some progress in conditional random fields
Saarbrücken students
  Núria Bertomeu Towards handling discourse phenomena in question answering: data and implementation
  Mark Buckley Agent-based dialogue management
  Irene Cramer Semi-supervised entity extraction: initial results
  Ciprian Gerstenberger Output generation for dialogue systems
  Kerstin Hadelich Simultaneous tracking of interlocutors in dialogue: evidence for alignment
  Dominik Heckmann Ubiquitous user modeling
  Michael Kruppa Towards explicit physical object referencing with virtual characters [ppt]
  Sebastian Padó Cross-lingual bootstrapping of semantic lexica: the case of FrameNet
  Ulrike Padó Modeling plausibility in human sentence processing
  Garance Paris Lexico-syntactic influences in spoken-word recognition
  Oana Postolache Experimenting with transferring information structure from Czech to English
  Barbara Rauch The use of visual information in automatic speech recognition
  Verena Rieser A corpus collection and annotation framework for learning multimodal clarification strategies
  Dan Shen Studying feature generation from various data representations for answer extraction
  Lübomira Spassova Product associated displays and SearchLight - new developments based on the fluid beam application [ppt]
  Juliane Steinberg Some thoughts on the connection between vision and language
  Ingmar Steiner Rhythm in speech synthesis: problems in duration modeling
  Yi Zhang Statistical approach towards deep lexical acquisition [odp]
Edinburgh students
  Abhishek Arun Lexicalisation in cross-linguistic parsing: the case of French
  Gregor Hofer Modelling behaviour in conversational agents
  Sabrina Hsueh In search of lost time: a case study on multimodal meeting records
  Clare Huxley An investigation of word order effects on syntactic priming in dialogue
  Jochen Leidner Applying toponym resolution to geographic information retrieval
  Ivan Meza-Ruiz Dialogue system parsing with context information
  Sebastian Riedel Collective relation extraction and named entity recognition with relational graphical models
  Andi Winterboer Evaluating the effect of information presentation strategies on cognitive load
External students
  Harald Hammarström Unsupervised learning of morphology
  David Vadas Natural language programming [ppt]

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