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2005 IGK Annual Meeting is to be held at Hotel Weis (6-10 July) and Schloss Dagstuhl (10-15 July).

Hotel Weis

Hotel Weis Image


Address: Eitelsbacher Weg 4, 54318 Mertesdorf

Telephone: +49 651 956 10

Fax: +49 651 956 1150


It is located in Mertesdorf (only about 6km to the east of Trier), and features good wine. Some directions about getting to the hotel can be found here(in German) or here(a map).

Schloss Dagstuhl


Telephone: +49 6871-905 0

Fax: +49 6871-905 133

Schloss Dagstuhl Image

Schloss Dagstuhl or Dagstuhl manor house is located in Saarland, Germany. It was built in 1760. After the French Revolution and occupation by the French in 1794, Dagstuhl was temporarily in the possession of a Lorraine ironworks. In 1806 the manor house along with the accompanying lands was purchased by the French Baron Wilhelm de Lasalle von Louisenthal. In 1959 the House of Lasalle von Louisenthal died out, at which time the manor house was then taken over by an order of Franciscan nuns, who set up an old-age home there. In 1989 the Saarland government purchased the manor house for the purpose of setting up the International Conference and Research Center for Computer Science.

Traveling information is available here.


Saarbruecken Image


Saarbrücken is the Hauptstadt of Saarland, Germany. To get to Saarbrücken, you will probably first take a plain to one of the nearest airports, and continue by train to Saarbrücken Hauptbahnhof.

Train information can be found here.

Airports near to Saarbrücken

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