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ESSLLI 2004  *** Computational Semantics Course Page ***

Also have a look at further online course material prepared at the Saarbrücken CL department! (Although this page is in German, the course material linked on it is English.)

The ESSLLI reader is here.

Download the reader: [PS] [PDF] [ZIP (HTML+Prolog)].

The Prolog sources are here.

Download the Prolog files: [ZIP].

Note that The files and have been renamed into and

Noteworthy errors in print version of the reader distributed at the ESSLLI 2004:

  • p. 22/23: displayed clauses of betaConvert are wrong. Get the corrected pages: [PS] [PDF]


  1. Monday [PPT]
  2. Tuesday [PPT]
  3. Wednesday [PDF]
  4. Thursday [PDF]
  5. Friday Introduction [PPT]
  6. Friday Implementation [PPT]