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Schedules of past seminars


Here you can find the schedules for past research seminars, starting in 2004. (In some past semesters, we either had no research seminar, or did not put the schedule online.)

2014 current
2013 WS 2013/14 (sabbatical)
2012 WS 2012/13 SS 2012
2011 WS 2011/12 n/a
2010 WS 2010/11 SS 2010
2009 WS 2009/10 n/a
2008 n/a
2007 n/a SS 2007
2006 WS 2006/07 SS 2006
2005 WS 2005/06 SS 2005
2004 n/a SS 2004

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Winter 2013/14

DateSpeakerTopic / Presented PaperTalk Type
21.10.2013 Simon Ostermann Die Anwendbarkeit von Active Learning auf Sprachlerner-Korpora (In German!) B.Sc. Thesis defense
28.10.2013 Annie Louis Structured and Unstructured Cache Models for SMT Domain Adaptation Guest talk
04.11.2013 Annemarie Friedrich A Corpus of Violations of Linguistic Quality in Multi-Document Summarization and its Uses Work submitted to LREC / brainstorming
11.11.2013 Vera Demberg, Stefan Thater, Manfred Pinkal Overview on our projects in the new SFB Great Expectations
18.11.2013 (no seminar)
25.11.2013 (no seminar)
02.12.2013 Susanne Fertmann Extraction of Selling Events from Historical Documents B.Sc. defense
09.12.2013 (no seminar)
16.12.2013 (no seminar)
Happy Holidays!
06.01.2014 (no seminar)
27.01.2014 (no seminar)

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Winter 2012/2013

DateSpeakerTopic / Presented PaperTalk Type
05.11.2012 (everybody) Preliminary Discussion 1st meeting!
12.11.2012 Annemarie Friedrich A Comparison of Knowledge-based Algorithms for Graded Word Sense Assignment Work accepted for COLING '12
19.11.2012 Massimo Poesio BrainNet: learning conceptual representations from corpora and neural data Guest Colloquium
26.11.2012 Alexandre Klementiev Inducing Crosslingual Distributed Representations of Words Dry run for COLING '12
03.12.2012 Fatemeh Asr Measuring the Strength of Linguistic Cues for Discourse Relations Dry run for COLING '12
10.12.2012 cancelled!
17.12.2012 Michaela Regneri Grounding Action Descriptions in Videos Work for TACL
Happy Holidays!
07.01.2013 (no seminar)
14.01.2013 Andrea Horbach Automated Short Answer Scoring for Language Learning Work in Progress
21.01.2013 Mikhail Kozhevnikov Cross-lingual adaptation of semantic role labeling models Work in Progress
28.01.2013 Vera Demberg & Asad Sayeed Developing a semantic representation for predictive TAG parsing Work in Progress
04.02.2013 Silas Weinbach Vorhersage in Kollokationen
(will be given in German!)
B.Sc. Kolloquium
18.02.2013 Lea Frermann A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Unsupervised Induction of Script Knowledge M.Sc. Kolloquium

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Summer 2012

DateSpeakerTopic / Presented PaperTalk Type
 07.05.2012 Diana McCarthy Exploring Word Meaning in Context with Graded Annotations Guest Talk
 21.05.2012 Michaela Regneri Semantic Grounding of Actions in Videos Work in Progress
 28.05.2012 Pentecost
 04.06.2012 Stefan Thater A comparison of models of word meaning in context Work published at NAACL 2012
 18.06.2012 Fabian Suchanek The Ontologies Group at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics Guest Talk
 02.07.2012 Annemarie Friedrich et al. Wordsense Disambiguation in the CODIS project Work in Progress
 23.07.2012 Carolyn Ladda Automatic Acquisition of Scenario-Specific Corpora B.Sc. Thesis Defense

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Winter 2011/2012

DateSpeakerTopic / Presented Paper
 24.10.2011 preliminary discussion
 31.11.2011 no seminar
 07.11.2011 no seminar
 14.11.2011 Michaela Regneri Future Script Research (and an experimental Research Seminar format)
 21.11.2011 no seminar
 28.11.2011 Annemarie Friedrich M.Sc. Thesis + Watson project (details tba)
 05.12.2011 Marcus Rohrbach Scripts and Video Processing (details tba)
 12.12.2011 Michaela Regneri
Manfred Pinkal
The MS Video Description Corpus and other Topics on Vision and Text (details tba)
 19.12.2011 Caroline Sporleder
Alexis Palmer
 26.12.2011 Christmas break
 02.01.2012 Christmas break
 09.01.2012 open
 16.01.2012 no seminar (conference deadlines)
 23.01.2012 Ivan Titov
Alexandre Klementiev
 30.01.2012 open
 06.02.2012 Jelke Bloem Preprocessing of Script data (details tba.)

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Winter 2010/2011

DateSpeakerTopic / Presented Paper
 26.10.2010 preliminary discussion
 01.11.2010 holiday
 08.11.2010 Georgiana Dinu Dinu and Lapata:
Measuring Distributional Similarity in Context
 15.11.2010 cancelled
 22.11.2010 Marcus Rohrbach What Helps Where - And Why? Semantic Relatedness for Knowledge Transfer in Image Classification
 29.11.2010 cancelled
 06.12.2010 cancelled
 13.12.2010 Mark Buckley Modelling solution step discussions in tutorial dialogue
 20.12.2010 Christmas break
 27.12.2010 Christmas break
 03.01.2011 cancelled
 10.01.2011 cancelled
 24.01.2011 Stefan Thater Word Meaning in Context
 31.01.2011 Magdalena Wolska The Allegro Project
 07.02.2011 Hagen Fürstenau Semi-supervised Semantic Role Labeling via Graph Alignment

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Summer 2010

DateSpeakerTopic / Presented Paper
 19.04.2010 all

Hagen Fürstenau
preliminary discussion

Lang and Lapata: Unsupervised Induction of Semantic Roles
Josef Ruppenhofer Ruppenhofer, Sunde, Pinkal:
Generating FrameNets of various granularities: The FrameNet Transformer
 C72, 2.11
Alexis Palmer
 10.05.2010 cancelled
 17.05.2010 Michaela Regneri
 24.05.2010 pentecost
 31.05.2010 Caroline Sporleder

Manfred Pinkal
Zhang et al:
TOB: Timely Ontologies for Business Relations

Nakashole, Theobald, Weikum:
Find your Advisor: Robust Knowledge Gathering from the Web
 07.06.2010 cancelled
Linlin Li Li, Roth, Sporleder:
Topic Models for Word Sense Disambiguation and Token-based Idiom Detection
 21.06.2010 Hagen Fürstenau
Matthew Stone Learning semantics and pragmatics from dialogue history
 05.07.2010 cancelled
 12.07.2010 ACL
 19.07.2010 cancelled

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Winter 2009/2010

Caroline Sporleder Detecting Idiomatic Meaning in Context
 26.10.2009 Daniel Bauer Statistical Natural Language Generation as Planning
 02.11.2009 Caroline Sporleder
 09.11.2009 Josef Ruppenhofer
 16.11.2009 Michaela Regneri Mining Script Representations out of Web-Collected Data
 23.11.2009 Cécile Grivaz Brandon Beamer and Roxana Girju: Using a Bigram Event Model to Predict Causal Potential
B3.2, HS 0.03
Sabine Schulte im Walde Computational Approaches to Semantic Relatedness (Antrittsvorlesung)
 07.12.2009 Mark Buckley How to evaluate models for dialogues on complex tasks
 14.12.2009 cancelled
 04.01.2010 cancelled
 11.01.2010 Georgiana Dinu Topic Models for Paraphrasing in Context
 18.01.2010 Alexis Palmer
 25.01.2010 cancelled
 01.02.2010 Gerald Schoch A study of syntactic and semantic criteria for making frame distinctions

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Summer 2007

 23.04.2007 Alex Fleisch Ein frame-semantischer Ansatz zur Analyse von Komparativen und Äquativen mit "als" und "wie".
 30.04.2007 Brückentag
 07.05.2007 Manfred Pinkal,
Magdalena Wolska,
Mark Buckley
Dialog (Introduction)
 14.05.2007 Stefan Thater,
Sebastian Pado
Dry runs for PhD defenses
 21.05.2007 cancelled
Olga Ourioupina Dry run for PhD defense
Manfred Pinkal,
Magdalena Wolska,
Mark Buckley
Dialog (Paradise)
Verena Rieser Learning dialogue strategies for interactive database search
Michaela Regneri Master's thesis proposal
 18.06.2007 cancelled
 25.06.2007 cancelled
 02.07.2007 organisational issues
 09.07.2007 cancelled
 16.07.2007 Manfred Pinkal Exzellenzcluster

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Winter 2006/07

Date Speaker Presented papers/Topic
030.10.2006 Stefan Thater
006.11.2006 Aljoscha Burchardt
013.11.2006 canceled
020.11.2006 canceled
Michaela Regneri
004.12.2006 canceled
Konstantina Garoufi
  • Master's thesis
018.12.2006 Manfred Pinkal
Aljoscha Burchardt
008.01.2007 canceled
015.01.2007 Stephan Walter
  • CORTE project
  • discussion about the annotation experiment
029.01.2007 Magdalena Wolska
  • Kouylekov, Magnini: Building a Large-Scale Repository of Textual Entailment Rules
005.02.2007 Nils Reiter

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Summer 2006

Date Speaker Title of talk
08.5. Aljoscha, Anette The RTE Experience 2006
031.5. Olga Uryupina
07.6. Rosy Stegmann Acquiring Individual Interest Profiles by Means of Adaptive Natural Language Dialog
014.6. (- MP)
021.6. 14-16 Judith Eckle-Kohler Linguistic knowledge for automatic lexicon acquisition from German text corpora
05.7. Nadine Perera Cross-linguale Induktion von Grammatiken für die Dialogmodellierung

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Winter 2005/06

Date Speaker Title of talk
07.11. Nate The TALK In-Car MP3 Player Dialogue System
014.11. (- MP)
021.11. (Powerpoint ate the slides)
028.11. Sebastian & Katrin Paraphrases and Framenet
05.12. Sabine A statistical grammar for inducing lexical semantic phenomena
012.12. (- MP)
019.12. Ciprian A general linearization model (GLM)
09.1. Alexander The CRISP proposal: constraint-based generation
023.1. Stefan Best of CHORUS 2005
030.1. Oana A more practical view of Information Structure
06.2. Katrin Outlier detection (?)
013.2. Andrea, Manfred tba

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Summer 2005

Date Speaker Title of talk
018.4. Mark Hopkins (UCLA)
What's in a translation rule?
025.4. Alexander, Aljoscha, Anette The RTE Experience
02.5. Peter Baumgartner, Fabian Suchanek RTE from an inference perspective
09.5. Katrin, Sabine Comparison of verb classifications
016.5. (Pfingsten)
023.5. (- MP)
030.5. Stephan CORTE
06.6. Sabine Identifying Ontological and Functional Properties of Human Verb Associations
013.6. Verena Implications for Generating Clarification Requests in Task-oriented Dialogues
020.6. Sebastian, Katrin To Cause Or Not To Cause: Cross-Lingual Semantic Matching for Paraphrase Modelling
027.6. (MP ?)
04.7. free free
011.7. IGK meeting

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Summer 2004

Date Speaker Title of talk
03.5. (entfällt: SFB-Treffen)
010.5. (entfällt: niemand will reden)
017.5. everyone "voll der" (see below)
024.5. (entfällt)
031.5. (entfällt: Pfingstmontag)
07.6. DIALOG, CHORUS Dry run for SFB colloquium
014.6. (entfällt)
021.6. Christian, Stephan Ontologies etc. in the legal domain
028.6. CHORUS Syntax/semantics interaction in XDG
05.7. Gerd, Christian Preds and evaluation
012.7. Ivana, Ciprian News from TALK
019.7. Ivana, Magda News from DIALOG

"voll der" talks on 17 May:

  • Katrin/Kristina: Einleitung
  • Anette: Syntax (?)
  • Markus: Semantikkonstruktion
  • Alexander: Semantik
  • Manfred: Vergleich mit Komparativ usw. (?)
  • Gerd/Andrea: "voll der" im Bravo-Korpus
  • Ivana: Äquivalente in slawischen Sprachen