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Accommodation in Saarbrücken

First, the bad news: dormitory space on the Saarbrücken campus is extremely limited and is therefore restricted to students not yet holding a terminal degree. This means that MSc students are ruled out directly, as they already hold a bachelor's degree.

The only exception to this rule is for students who are studying as part of an exchange program. Students coming from one of Saarland University's official partner universities (such as Jiao Tong) or one of the LCT consortium universities may be able to qualify as exchange student, even though this is, strictly speaking, not an exchange. The International Office can determine this for you.

However, it is in general not difficult to find inexpensive apartments in Saarbrücken. Foreign students who do not wish to immediately have the problems of organising heating, telephone connections, electricity and other technical matters may be best served by looking for a room in a shared apartment. This is referred to as a WG ("Wohngemeinschaft") and may be the pleasant and least expensive option. For those of you who can read German and would like to try to research WGs in advance, here are two helpful links:

The campus is also generally plastered with notices from people looking for a roommate for a WG. If you wish wait until you arrive to search for long-term accommodation, you will be most likely able to something fairly quickly. We can of course also help you with this search. The Student Association (“Studentenwerk”) runs an accommodation service for students in Saarbrücken and Homburg that is open throughout the year. For a small charge, students can receive offers of accommodation submitted by private landlords.

There are also private companies which administer private student dormitories, for instance:

If you plan to arrive in Saarbrücken without having an apartment, you may want to book a room in the local youth hostel. This is about a 15 minute walk to the campus:

Europa-Jugendherberge Saarbrücken
Meerwiesertalweg 31
Tel.: 0681-33040