Phonetics Events

Phonetics Colloquium

Research findings and ongoing work in phonetics are presented in the form of lectures and discussions in our colloquium. It usually takes place from 2:15 to 3:45 PM.

For questions and suggestions please contact Jürgen Trouvain.

Winter semester 2023/24

15 Nov 2023 Wei Xue (UdS) Towards mutual intelligibility between closely related languages in real-world communication context: the preparation of speech stimuli
29 Nov 2023
11.00-12.30 (unusual time)
Ivan Yuen (UdS) Is there word- or syllable-based lexical frequency effect on vowel duration in German?
6 Dec 2023
10.15-11.45 (unusual time)
Tamara Rathcke (U Konstanz) Individual Differences in Linguistic Encoding
3 Jan 2024 Iuliia Zaitova (UdS) Cross-linguistic processing of non-compositional expressions in Slavic languages
10 Jan 2024 Jürgen Trouvain (UdS) Phonetic views on filler particles
postponed to 24 Jan 2024 (unusual time: 11.30 am) Sophia Fünfgeld (U Trier) "Great job!" – Phonetic characteristics of irony in speech
new date:
1 Feb 2024
14.00 (unusual day & time)
Beeke Muhlack (UdS) Filler particles in Bulgarian Judeo-Spanish
new date:
1 Feb 2024
15.00 (unusual day & time)
Jonas Grünke, Bistra Andreeva, Christoph Gabriel & Mitko Sabev (U Mainz, UdS) Vocative Intonation in Language Contact: The Case of Bulgarian Judeo-Spanish


Conferences and Workshops

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