Phonetics Events

Phonetics Colloquium

Research findings and ongoing work in phonetics are presented in the form of lectures and discussions in our colloquium. It usually takes place from 2:15 to 3:45 PM.

For questions and suggestions please contact Jürgen Trouvain.

Summer semester 2024

29 May 2024 - time and place changed: 11.00 AM in room U.15 Jürgen Trouvain (UdS) Merging verb forms with "ich" to enchaînement consonantique in German
5 June 2024, unusual place: C7.1, U.15 Pavel Šturm (Charles U Prague) The Phonetics-Phonology Split from a Prague Perspective: A Historical Overview
26 June 2024 - unusual time and place: 11.00 AM in U.15 Omnia Ibrahim (UdS) Investigating the role of word frequency on speakers' convergence behaviour using a shadowing task: a work-in-progress experiment
9 July 2024 - unusual day and place: 14.15 in 1.01 (seminar room, ground floor) Feng Xu (Macquarie University) "Panda" or "Bear, cat": The use of prosodic cues by Mandarin-speaking preschoolers with typical hearing and cochlear implants
17 July 2024 - unusual place: U.15 Wei Xue (UdS) Towards a better understanding of receptive multilingualism: listening conditions and priming effects
24 July 2024 (unusual place: U.15) Iuliia Zaitova (UdS) to be announced


Conferences and Workshops

Scientific events organized by the phonetic research group:

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