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Germanic Metagrammar General Description

The Germanic Metagrammar is a Delph-in Grammar Matrix based resource that can generate HPSG based grammars covering basic phenomena in German, Dutch and Danish (and possibly other Scandanavian languages).
The Metagrammar is open source. Please cite Fokkens (2011) if you make use of this resource.

Current Release: ACL 2011

The latest release of the Grammar Matrix can be downloaded here.
The experiments described in Fokkens (2011) were carried out with this version. It covers the following phenomena (in addition to what was originally being covered by the LinGO Grammar Matrix):
  • Basic word order in Germanic main clauses (V2, verbal cluster at the end)
  • Partial VP fronting
  • Ditransitives
  • Germanic specific coordination (extension of original Matrix analysis)
  • Interactions between morphology and word order (Dutch verbal clusters)

Upcoming release: Suquamish

A new release of the Germanic Metagrammar is planned for July this year. The following phenomena are currently present in this upcoming release:
  • Modification: adverbs, adjectives, prepositions
  • Negation
  • Polar questions
  • Raising and Control verbs
  • Subordinate clauses (including German auxiliary flip)
  • Copula
  • Wh-questions