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English PLTAG corpus and lexicon based on Penn TreeBank

You need a password in order to download the English PLTAG corpus and lexicon because of PTB licensing. The password can be obtained by email to - you need to prove that you have the license for the original Penn Treebank, which can be obtained via LDC.
English PLTAG corpus
English PLTAG lexicon

German PLTAG treebank and lexicon, derived from TIGER corpus

TIGER can be obtained for free for research and evaluation purposes, but you have to sign the license for the original treebank before we can give you access to the PLTAG version of it. Send us an email ( in which you prove that you have access to the original TIGER corpus, and we will give you the password that lets you download the PLTAG version.
German PLTAG corpus
German PLTAG lexicon