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SemEval 2010 Task 10

Available Downloads

Trial data:
The trial data for the FN-version of the task is available from the SemEval 2010 page. You can also take a quick look at the data format for the FN-version of the task here.

Training data:
The training data are now also available from the SemEval 2010 page. The training set is annotated with:

  • gold standard semantic argument structure (FrameNet and PropBank style)
  • linking information for null instantiations
  • co-reference chains (for evaluation purposes)

The data were independently annotated by two experienced annotators (in FrameNet format) and then adjudicated. The training set is available both with FrameNet- and PropBank-style annotations (in SalsaTiger-XML and a CoNLL-like format, respectively). Participants can choose with which data set they want to work (the evaluation is done separately). The PropBank annotations were derived semi-automatically from the FrameNet annotations. To find out more about the two different annotations read our Info for Participants and see:

Note: both README files are part of the data distribution downloadable from the SemEval 2010 shared task website.

The evaluation software for the task is still being tested and will be available soon.

We invite you to join our Google group for Task-10 to receive further information and for discussion and questions.