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Shalmaneser - the shallow semantic parser

Release 1.1. See this page.

SALTO (aka 'The SALSA Tool')

Documentation and license conditions can be found here.

Both the binaries and the sources of SALTO are available. If you just want to use SALTO you are strongly advised to download the binaries, which run pretty much out of the box. You should only download the sources if you want to make specific changes to the code (and know how to do this).

  • For the SALTO binaries go here.
  • For the SALTO sources go here.

FrameNet Transformer

A tool for deriving customized versions of the FrameNet database

The tool can be downloaded from this page

WordNet Detour to FrameNet

Looking up frames using WordNet online.

The Detour system is available from the CPAN archive.

Java API to process the SALSA XML corpora

Cross-lingual projection of frame-semantic classes and roles

Please refer to Sebastian Pado's homepage.