International Post-Graduate College
Language Technology
Cognitive Systems
Saarland University University of Edinburgh


   Name Talk Title
Invited Talks
  William Barry
(Saarland U.)
Rhythm in languages, in speech (technology) and in general.
Synonym or just homographic homophones?
  Rens Bod
(U. of St Andrews)
Is the End of Supervised Parsing in Sight?
  Matthew Crocker
(Saarland U.)
Situated Spoken Language Comprehension
  Robert Dale
(Macquarie U.)
The Generation of Referring Expressions: Past, Present and Future
  Maarten de Rijke
(U. of Amsterdam)
Finding People and Moods
  Mirella Lapata
(U. Edinburgh)
Data-driven Natural Language Generation: Experiments on Content Selection
  Diane Litman
(U. Pittsburgh)
Discourse and Dialogue Processing in Spoken Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  Matthias Mehl
(U. of Arizona)
Personality in (Inter-)Action: An Unobtrusive Observation Approach to Studying Conversation-Based Personality Processes
  Sabine Schulte im Walde
(Saarland U.)
Can Human Verb Associations help identify Salient Features for Semantic Verb Classes?
  Mark Steedman
(U. Edinburgh)
Semantics and Implicature in the Meaning of English Intonation
  Henry Thompson
(U. Edinburgh)
URIs and the Semantic Web: Magic bullet or red herring?
  Andy Way
(Dublin City U.)
Hybrid Data-Driven Models of Machine Translation
  Michael White
(Ohio State U.)
Learning to Say It Well: Reranking Realizations by Predicted Synthesis Quality
Student Talks
  Jens Apel Processing Parallel Structure: Evidence from Eye-Tracking and a Computational Model
  Nuria Bertomeu A discourse module for a QA system: what to model and how
  Mark Buckley Supporting error correction feedback in tutorial dialogue with a mathematical domain reasoner
  James Clarke Integer Programming for NLP
  Vera Demberg A predictive model for human parsing
  Ciprian Gerstenberger How to model clitics in the General Linearization Model
  Tommy Herbert Voice-Programming for Houses
  Hieu Hoang Factored Machine Translation
  Michael Kaisser Web Question Answering by Exploiting Wide-Coverage Lexical Resources
  Helene Kreysa Does syntactic alignment lead to alignment of eye-movements?
  Sebastian Pado Cross-lingual Bootstrapping of Resources for Role-Semantic Analysis
  Ulrike Pado A Model of Difficulty in Human Sentence Processing
  Barbara Rauch Maximum Likelihood Beamforming for Robust Automatic Speech Recognition
  David Reitter Priming of Syntactic Rules in Task-Oriented Dialogue and Spontaneous Conversation
  Verena Rieser Bootstrapping a Reinforcement Learning-based System for Learning Clarification Strategies
  Silke Scheible A first step towards answering comparison questions in open-domain QA
  Dan Shen Exploring Correlation of Dependency Relation Paths for Answer Extraction
  Mira Spassova 3D Model Acquisition and Dynamic Positioning of Projected Displays with Fluid Beam
  Juliane Steinberg Speech-contingent eye movements
  Ingmar Steiner Implementing Metrical Phonology in Festival: Considerations and Outlook
  Frances Wilson The Syntax-Discourse Interface in L2 Learners
  Yi Zhang Towards Robust Linguistically Deep Processing

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