Welcome to the Computational Linguistics Group at Saarland University!

Our group, led by Prof. Dr. Alexander Koller, is one of the nine research groups of the Department of Language Science and Technology (LST) at Saarland University. The department is part of the Saarland Informatics Campus, one of the strongest academic research centers for computer science in Europe.

We are interested in a number of topics in computational linguistics including syntactic and semantic parsing, planning and reasoning with LLMs, and NLG and dialogue. A lot of research in our group combines neural and symbolic models of language, and we are proud participants in the Research Training Group “Neuroexplicit Models of Language, Vision, and Action”. We have laid out some critical and constructive thoughts on learning meaning from text in the octopus paper.

The group has developed fast and accurate semantic parsers that work across different styles of semantic representations and perform well on compositional generalization. We have also developed the Alto system for efficient parsing and generation with Interpreted Regular Tree Grammars, which generalize over many different grammar formalisms. The group has helped pioneer the large-scale evaluation of interactive NLG systems and maintains the DialogOS system for rapidly developing spoken dialogue systems.

group Meet the Team

Mareike Hartmann

Postdoc - LLMs and Planning

Alexander Koller


Matthias Lindemann

PhD Student (co-advised at University of Edinburgh)

Sweta Mahajan

PhD Student (co-advised at MPI for Informatics)

Katharina Stein

PhD Student - LLMs and Planning

Sarubi Thillainathan

PhD Student - Text adaptation

Blerta Veseli

PhD Student - LLMs and Memory

Karina Walgenbach


Yuekun Yao

PhD Student - Compositional generalization

breaking_news News

April 2024 Three papers accepted at NAACL 2024! expand_circle_right
January 2024 Paper accepted at ICLR 2024. expand_circle_right
December 2023 We just put our new group website online! expand_circle_right
November 2023 Fangzhou Zhai successfully defended his PhD. Congratulations, Dr. Zhai! expand_circle_right
November 2023 Blerta Veseli joined our group as a PhD student. Welcome, Blerta! expand_circle_right

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Lehrstuhl Computerlinguistik
Fachrichtung Sprachwissenschaft und Sprachtechnologie
Universität des Saarlandes
Campus C72
D-66123 Saarbrücken, Germany

directions_walk Cross through the door marked “C72” from the main lobby, then walk up a short staircase and straight through the glass door. Building C72 is marked as “COLI: Computational Linguistics and Phonetics” on Google Maps for historical reasons.

You can also download our campus map as a PDF.

mail Email: sek-ak@coli.uni-saarland.de
call Phone: +49 681 302 4344