Accepted Papers

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Oral presentations

Manjuan Duan, Ethan Hill and Michael White. Generating Disambiguating Paraphrases for Structurally Ambiguous Sentences

Kim Gerdes and Sylvain Kahane. Dependency Annotation Choices: Assessing Theoretical and Practical Issues of Universal Dependencies

Juhi Tandon, Himani Chaudhry, Riyaz Ahmad Bhat and Dipti Sharma. Conversion from Paninian Karakas to Universal Dependencies for Hindi Dependency Treebank

Amir Zeldes and Dan Simonson. Different Flavors of GUM: Evaluating Genre and Sentence Type Effects on Multilayer Corpus Annotation Quality

Nianwen Xue, Qishen Su and Sooyoung Jeong. Annotating the discourse and dialogue structure of SMS message conversations

Marcel Bollmann, Stefanie Dipper and Florian Petran. Evaluating Inter-Annotator Agreement on Historical Spelling Normalization

Hannah Rohde, Anna Dickinson, Nathan Schneider, Annie Louis and Bonnie Webber. Filling in the Blanks in Understanding Discourse Adverbials: Consistency, Conflict, and Context-Dependence in a Crowdsourced Elicitation Task

Poster presentations

  1. Yu Hong, Tongtao Zhang, Tim O'Gorman, Sharone Horowit-Hendler, Heng Ji and Martha Palmer. Building a Cross-document Event-Event Relation Corpus
  2. Bin Li, Yuan Wen, Weiguang QU, Lijun Bu and Nianwen Xue. Annotating the Little Prince with Chinese AMRs
  3. Alex Luu, Sophia A. Malamud and Nianwen Xue. Converting SynTagRus Dependency Treebank into Penn Treebank Style
  4. Bonnie Webber, Rashmi Prasad, Alan Lee and Aravind Joshi. A Discourse-Annotated Corpus of Conjoined VPs
  5. Ronja Laarmann-Quante, Lukas Knichel, Stefanie Dipper and Carina Betken. Annotating Spelling Errors in German Texts Produced by Primary School Children
  6. Héctor Martínez Alonso, Anders Johannsen and Barbara Plank. Supersense tagging with inter-annotator disagreement
  7. Kanako Komiya, Masaya Suzuki, Tomoya Iwakura, Minoru Sasaki and Hiroyuki Shinnou. Comparison of Annotating Methods for Named Entity Corpora
  8. Heba Elfardy and Mona Diab. Annotation Complexity: The Case of Annotating Ideological Perspective in Egyptian Social Media
  9. Nathan Schneider, Jena D. Hwang, Vivek Srikumar, Meredith Green, Abhijit Suresh, Kathryn Conger, Tim O'Gorman and Martha Palmer. A Corpus of Preposition Supersenses
  10. Kordula De Kuthy, Ramon Ziai and Detmar Meurers. Focus Annotation of Task-based Data: Establishing the Quality of Crowd Annotation
  11. Özlem Çetinoğlu and Çağrı Çöltekin. Part of Speech Annotation of a Turkish-German Code-Switching Corpus
  12. Ariani Di-Felippo and Ani Nenkova. Phrase Generalization in Multi-Document Summarization: a Corpus Study of Aligned Abstracts and Original News
  13. Irina Wagner, Andrew Cowell and Jena D. Hwang. Applying Universal Dependency to the Arapaho Language
  14. Grant DeLozier, Ben Wing, Jason Baldridge, Scott Nesbit and David Staley. Creating a Novel Geolocation Corpus from Historical Texts