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Salvic Grammatical Resources

The implementation of linguistically-based grammars for natural languages draws on a combination of engineering skills, sound grammatical theory, and software development tools. The goal of this course will be to develop resource grammars for selected Slavic languages (e.g. Bulgarian, Russian, or other, depending on the linguistic background of the paticipants), based on the MATRIX Starter-Kit for rapid prototyping of LKB-compatible precision grammars within the DELPH-IN collaborative effort.

Time & Location

SS 2009: Wednesday 8:30 - 10:00, Building C71 Room U15
SS 2008: Tuesday 12:15 - 13:45, Building C72 Room 2.11

Schedule SS 2008

Session Slavic Grammatical Resources
Grammar Engineering
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Area I: linguistic aspects
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Slides Exercise

Slides Slides Exercise
Area II: technological aspects

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Area III: resource development

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Slides Exercise


Conclusion, presentation of results

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  • DELPH-IN Consortium

    MATRIX Starter-Kit

    MRS test suite

    MATRIX visualisation (PDF by Yi Zhang)

    MATRIX customization

    Components and Resources

    Cyrillic Unicode

    HPSG for Slavic - SS03

    Slavic NLP - SS07

    Reference Grammars Network: Russian, Polish, Czech, SloveneSerb/Croat, Macedonian