A bit about myself

Here are some of my hobbies. (Apologies for having some outdated links on this page. I'll try to fix these once I get around to it.)


I have been singing in choirs and a cappella ensembles of various sizes for almost twenty years now. When I lived in New York, I took the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sing barbershop with the Big Apple Chorus. My favorite part was to sing with my quartet, the Beer and Roses Battalion. It was fantastically fun, I learned a lot, and we also did pretty well in competitions. Here are some pictures:

I am also an enthusiastic participant at the Atlantic Harmony Brigade. Just before leaving Saarbrücken, I performed with my new a cappella quartet, the SB Sharps, at my favorite cafe. (Here's a recording that we took later that night; notice that we only had 24 hours to practice this song.) Let's see how I can continue this hobby in Berlin!


Then, at some point in 2000, I decided I really should do more sports. So I watched the Sydney Summer Olympics with the goal of selecting one. Eventually, I ended up learning to row in the university rowing club. Evidence:

Talking robots

Another hobby, which is strictly speaking not something that most people would consider consistent with a "life", is to spend a Sunday morning programming, as long as it is something I don't have to do. One particular series of Sunday mornings eventually led to our talking Lego robots courses: I wrote most of the basic software, while my colleague Geert-Jan Kruijff handled the Lego side of things. Here's a picture of me presenting Luigi the Italian shell-game player at the Cebit fair in 2003:

Web Comics

Here are some web comics I enjoy:

(Irregular Webcomic)

(Questionable Content)

(Piled Higher and Deeper)


(October 2003 in Lucca)