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Pictures of the Final Projects

On 21 February 2003, the four student teams presented their final projects. Here are some pictures. You can click on each picture to get a higher resolution version.

The chess robot and Luigi will be presented at the Cebit fair in March.

Team BSZ: Labyrinth

This robot moves through a labyrinth and automatically collects sweets. The user controls which turn the robot should take at intersections, gives some other commands, and can ask questions, by voice.

Team FJS: Chess

The robot plays chess against the user. It moves the pieces on the chess board with a magnet. The user gives spoken commands about the move he wants to take, and the robot moves the user's piece, and performs its own move as indicated by an external chess program.

Team GKR: Pyramid

This robot explores a pyramid. It has a digital camera and a lamp mounted on it, and continually transmits images from inside the pyramid. The user controls the robot's movements and the angle of the camera by voice.

Team RSS: Luigi

This robot plays a "Hütchenspiel" (shell game) against the user. It uses an electromagnet to permute the little capsules, one of which contains a ball; the user's job is to guess which capsule this is. The dialogue is about the conditions of the game (e.g. how high the bet is).

The original prototype: Talking Elevator

A demonstration prototype built by the lecturers before the course is the Lego model of a talking elevator. The user gives spoken commands, and the elevator moves to the respective floor.

(Last picture is copyrighted by Bilderwerk, Saarbrücken.)