Interdisciplinary Workshop on

The Phonetics of Laughter

Saarland University
Saarbrücken, Germany
August 4-5, 2007






Here the proceedings as one pdf-file.
And here the preface and the reviewing committee as a separate file.
More presentation files will follow.

Invited Talks
Michael Owren
Understanding Acoustics and Function in Spontaneous Human Laughter [abstract pdf] [zipped presentation (10 MB)]
Wallace Chafe (presented by Neal Norrick)
The Phonetics of Laughter - A Linguistic Approach [presentation ppt (35 MB)] [accompanying audio-files (3 MB)]
Regular Talks
Silke Kipper, Dietmar Todt:
Series of Similar Vocal Elements as a Crucial Acoustic Structure in Human Laughter [paper pdf]
D. Szameitat, C. Darwin, A. Szameitat, D. Wildgruber, A. Sterr, S. Dietrich, K. Alter:
Formant Characteristics of Human Laughter [paper pdf]
John Esling:
States of the Larynx in Laughter [paper pdf] [presentation zipped ppt (47 MB)] [video 1 avi] [video 2 avi] [video 3 avi] [video 4 avi]
Klaus Kohler:
'Speech-smile', 'Speech-laugh', 'Laughter' and Their Sequencing in Dialogic Interaction [paper pdf]
[audio 1 wav] [audio 2 wav] [audio 3a wav] [audio 3b wav] [audio 4 wav] [audio 5-6 wav] [audio 7-jm wav] [audio 7-mg wav] [audio 8-mpi wav]
[presentation zipped ppt (12 MB)]
Jürgen Trouvain:
Phonetic Patterns of Laughter [video wmv]
Caroline Émond, Jürgen Trouvain, Lucie Ménard:
Perception of Smiled French Speech by Native vs. Non-native Listeners: A Pilot Study [paper pdf]
Marianna De Benedictis:
Psychological and Cross-Cultural Effects on Laughter Sound Production [paper pdf] [audio wav (vocalized_inspir_M)] [audio wav (laughbout_A)] [audio wav (laughbout_D)] [audio wav (laughter_crying)] [audio wav (monolaugh_A)] [audio wav (retained_laugh_A)] [audio wav (retained_laugh_S)]
Laurence Devillers, Laurence Vidrascu:
Positive and Negative Emotional States Behind the Laughs in Spontaneous Spoken Dialogs [paper pdf]
Bernd Pompino-Marschall, Daniel O'Connell, Sabine Kowal:
Some Phonetic Notes on Emotion: Laughter, Interjections, and Weeping [paper pdf] [presentation ppt (5MB)]
Eva Lasarcyk, Jürgen Trouvain:
Imitating Conversational Laughter With an Articulatory Speech Synthesizer [paper pdf]
[description audio files txt] [audio 1 wav] [audio 2 wav] [audio 3 wav] [audio 4 wav] [audio 5 wav] [audio 6 wav] [audio 7 wav] [audio 8 wav] [audio 9 wav] [audio 10 wav] [audio 11 wav] [audio 12 wav] [image 1 pdf]
[image 2 pdf]
Khiet P. Truong, David A. van Leeuwen:
Evaluating Laughter Segmentation in Meetings with Acoustic and Acoustic-Phonetic Features [paper pdf]
Kornel Laskowski, Susanne Burger:
On the Correlation Between Contextual and Perceptual Aspects of Laughter [paper pdf]
Nick Campbell:
Who we Laugh With Affects How we Laugh [paper pdf]