Foundations of Empirical Methods – WS2023/24

Course overview

This course aims to convey fundamental knowledge about the utilization of empirical methods in linguistic research. We will dicuss various methods and techniques of data acquisition, how to analyze that data and how to interprete the results.
  • The role of empirical data in cognitive and linguistic research

  • Experimental design

  • Psycholinguistic methods (offline and online)

  • Basic statistics

  • Interpretation of results

  • Group project on experimental design (makes up 33% of the final grade)


We will use Microsoft Teams for communication and distribution of course material.
You can follow this link to request access to the Team.
  • Weekly classes on Fridays 8:30 – 10:00 am, Room 1.12

  • First lecture: Fri, 03.11.2023

  • Winter break: Mon, 25.12.2023 – Mon, 01.01.2024

  • Last lecture: Fri, 02.02.2023

  • Exam (66% of the final grade): Fri, 09.02.2024