Experimental Methods in Psycholinguistic Research – SS2021

Course overview

This course will give an overview of experimental methods in psycholinguistics including the following areas: Description of different state-of-the-art methods (with a focus on reading-time experiments), experimental designs, analysis tools and evaluation of findings.

Students will gather hands-on experience of all stages of experimental research by designing and running an experiment, learning basics of statistical software in order to conduct basic statistical modeling of the results as well as learning to present the results in the standard format of the experimental research reports (APA).


Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, the course will be taught entirely online using Microsoft Teams.

  • Weekly lectures on Wednesday 12:15 - 13:45pm

  • Weekly exercises on Fridays 12:15 - 13:45pm

  • First session: Wed, 14.04.2020

  • Final session: Fr, 16.07.2021

Course Evaluation

  • 20% – Active participation in lectures and excercises

  • 40% – Experimental work

    • Experimental design
    • Collection of data
    • Working together as a research team

  • 40% – Final research report

    • Max 3000 words (excluding References, Tables and Figures)
    • APA format
    • Due: 16 August