(Linguistic) Expectations in Language Comprehension – WS2022/23

Course overview

This seminar aims to investigate how language internal and external information and cues (gaze, contextual predictability, etc.) influence linguistic expectations. This includes topics such as the influence of speaker gaze on listener's sentence comprehension, and the effects of linearization of information in spoken and written language, which will be discussed along with outlines of assumed underlying mechanisms in the first sessions.
The goal of the seminar is to get a broader insight into expectations in language comprehension across multiple languages to indentify potential differences and/or to enrich our understanding of current accounts of language comprehension.
Each participant is required to present a topic related study of their choice.


We will use Microsoft Teams for communication and distribution of course material.

  • Weekly classes on Mon 12:15 – 13:45 pm, Seminar Room 1.12

  • First lecture: Mon, 31.10.2022

  • Winter break: Mon, 26.12.2022 – Fri, 30.12.2022

  • Last lecture: Mon, 06.02.2023

  • Credits: 4 CP (presentation only), 7 CP (presentation + term paper)

  • Grade:

    4 CP (presentation only): 75% Presentation, 25% Contribution to discussion

    7 CP (presentation + term paper): 40% Presentation, 40% Term paper, 20% Contribution to discussion