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      AUTHOR = {Kruijff, Geert-Jan M. and Kruijff-Korbayova, Ivana and Keshavdas, Shanker and Larochelle, Benoit and Janíček, Miroslav and Christensen, Henrik and Liu, Ming and Pomerleau, Francois and Siegwart, Roland and Neerincx, Mark and Looije, Rosemarijn and Smets, Nanja and Mioch, Tina and Diggelen, Jurriaan van and Pirri, Fiora and Gianni, Mario and Ferri, Federico and Menna, Matteo and Worst, Rainer and Linder, Thorsten and Tretyakov, Viatcheslav and Surmann, H. and Svoboda, Tomas and Reinstein, M. and Zimmermann, Karel and Petricek, Tomas and Hlavac, V.},
      TITLE = {Designing, developing, and deploying systems to support human-robot teams in disaster response},
      YEAR = {2014},
      MONTH = {December},
      JOURNAL = {Advanced Robotics},
      VOLUME = {28},
      NUMBER = {23},
      PAGES = {1547-1570}
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