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Donald A. Ziff, Stephen Spackmann and Keith Waclena. Funser: A Functional Server for Textual Information Retrieval. In Journal of Functional Programming, Vol. 5(3):317-343, 1995.   Bibtex entry  google [Annote]
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Rolf Backofen, Hans-Ulrich Krieger, Stephen Spackmann and Hans Uszkoreit. EAGLES Workshop on Implemented Formalisms at DFKI. Technical report, DFKI Document D-93-27, DFKI, Saarbrücken, 1993. URL   Bibtex entry  google [Annote]
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Hans Uszkoreit, Rolf Backofen, Stephan Busemann, Abdel Kader Diagne, Elizabeth Hinkelman, Walter Kasper, Bernd Kiefer, Hans-Ulrich Krieger, Klaus Netter, Günter Neumann, Stefan Oepen and Stephen Spackmann. DISCO - An HPSG-Based NLP System and its Application for Appointment Scheduling. Technical report, Research Report RR-94-38, DFKI, Saarbrücken, 1994. [Abstract]   Bibtex entry  google [Annote]
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