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Mario Gianni, Panagiotis Papadakis, Fiora Pirri, Ming Liu, Francois Pomerleau, Francis Colas, Karel Zimmermann, Tomas Svoboda, Tomas Petricek, Geert-Jan M. Kruijff, Harmish Khambhaita and Hendrik Zender. A unified framework for planning and execution-monitoring of mobile robots. In Sanem Sariel-Talay, Stephen F. Smith and Nilufer Onder editors, Automated action planning for autonomous mobile robots : papers from the 2011 AAAI Workshop (PAMR), Pages 39-44, AAAI Press, San Francisco, Menlo Park, California, 7 August 2011.   Bibtex entry  google [Annote]
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Harmish Khambhaita, Geert-Jan M. Kruijff, Matei Mancas, Mario Gianni, Panagiotis Papadakis, Fiora Pirri and Matia Pizzoli. Help me to help you : how to learn intentions, actions and plans. In Rajiv Mageswaran editor, Help me help you: bridging the gaps in human-agent collaboration : papers from the AAAI spring symposium ; [held March 21 - 23, 2011 at Stanford University, Stanford, California USA] Technical report / Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intel, Pages 30-35, AAAI Press, Menlo Park, Calif., 2011.   Bibtex entry  google
Note: HU, 978-1-577-35497-0.
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Geert-Jan M. Kruijff, Viatcheslav Tretyakov, Thorsten Linder, Mario Gianni, Panagiotis Papadakis, Matia Pizzoli, Arnab Sinha, Fabio Pianesi, Salvatore Corrao, Fabrizio Priori, Sergio Febrini and Sandro Angeletti. Rescue robots at earthquake-hit Mirandola, Italy : a field report. In 10th IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics : proceedings, New York, NY, 5-8 November 2012.   Bibtex entry  google
Note: HU.
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Geert-Jan M. Kruijff, Miroslav Janíček, Shanker Keshavdas, Benoit Larochelle, Hendrik Zender, Nanja Smets, Tina Mioch, Mark Neerincx, Jurriaan van Diggelen, Francis Colas, Ming Liu, Francois Pomerleau, Christian Siegwart, V. Hlavac, Tomas Svoboda, Tomas Petricek, M. Reinstein, Karel Zimmermann, Fiora Pirri, Mario Gianni, Panagiotis Papadakis, Arnab Sinha, Patrick Balmer, N. Tomatis, Rainer Worst, Thorsten Linder, H. Surmann and Viatcheslav Tretyakov. Experience in system design for human-robot teaming in urban search & rescue. In 8th International Conference on Field and Service Robotics : FSR 2012, Matsushima, 16-19 July 2012.   Bibtex entry  google
Note: HU.
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