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International Research Training Group
Language Technology and Cognitive Systems

The IRTG has been closed. These pages only serve to document past activities.

The International Research Training Group (formerly International Post-Graduate College) in Language Technology and Cognitive Systems has been established in cooperation between Saarland University (Departments of Computational Linguistics, Phonetics, and Computer Science) and the University of Edinburgh (School of Informatics) -- two leading institutions in the fields of computational linguistics, artificial intelligence and cognitive science who will collaborate in offering a joint post-graduate education programme. See details of the programme.

PIRE PhD Programme:
Meaning Representations in Language Understanding

The partnership for research and education (PIRE), established in 2005, is a collaborative PhD programme between Saarland University, Germany, Charles University, Prague, the Brown Laboratory for Linguistic Information Processing headed by Prof. Eugene Charniak and The Johns Hopkins University Center for Language and Speech Processing (CLSP) headed by Prof. Frederick Jelinek. It is affiliated with our existing IRTG co-operation with Edinburgh. See details of the programme at the PIRE home page.