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CORTE - Computerlinguistische Methoden für die Rechtsterminologie


The potential of knowledge-based technological support for work in the legal domain has become widely recognized in recent time. The goal of CORTE is to provide such support using techniques from computational linguistics based on a sound theoretical understanding of the creation, semantics and use of legal terminology. In particular the project aims at:
  • developing a linguistic model of definitions in legal text
  • building computational linguistic tools for the automatic extraction of such definitions
  • exploring methods for the exploitation of the extracts in terminologies for the legal domain

A corpus-based survey on the definition and modification of concepts in German court verdicts is taken as the starting point. The approach pursued in the CORTE project complements existing work on legal top-level, statute-based ontologies for the law by extracting conceptual knowledge from verdict texts. At the same time it contributes from an empirical, corpus-based perspective to ongoing theoretical discussions on legal concepts and the interpretation of law texts.


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