Interdisciplinary Workshop on

Laughter and other Interactional Vocalisations in Speech

February 27-28, 2009






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Programme with Abstracts and Presentation Files (partially)
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Friday February 27, 2009
9.00-9.30 Registration
9.30-10.00 Welcome Notes
10.0010.30 Jens Allwood
Embodied communicative feedback, coactivation and coconstruction in dialog [abstract] [presentation]*
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
11.0011.30 Sathish Pammi & Marc Schröder
A corpus-based analysis of back-channel vocalizations [abstract] [presentation]
11.3012.00 Anton Batliner, Stefan Steidl, Florian Eyben, Björn Schuller
Laughter in child-robot interaction [abstract] [presentation]
12.0012.30 Julia Vettin & Silke Kipper
A laughter is a laughter is a laughter?
Long, but not short laughter bouts are noticed in conversation and related to conversational partners' moods
[abstract] [presentation]*
12.30-14.00 Lunch Break
14.0014.30 Dirk Heylen
On the function of smiles and laughter in conversation some figures on their distribution with respect to dialogue acts [abstract] [presentation]
14.3015.00 Sascha Fagel, Jürgen Trouvain and Eva Lasarcyk
Observing lip and vertical larynx movements during smiled speech (and laughter) [abstract] [presentation]
15.0015.30 Stavros Petridis & Maja Pantic
Audiovisual discrimination between laughter and speech [abstract] [presentation]
15.30-16.00 Coffee Break
16.0016.30 Stefan Scherer, Volker Fritzsch, Friedhelm Schwenker and Nick Campbell
Demonstrating laughter detection in natural discourses [abstract] [presentation]
16.3017.00 Jérôme Urbain, Stéphane Dupont, Thierry Dutoit, Radoslaw Niewiadomski and Catherine Pelachaud
Towards a virtual agent using similarity-based laughter production [abstract] [presentation]
17.0017.30 Christian Becker-Asano, Takayuki Kanda, Carlos Ishi and Hiroshi Ishiguro
Humanoid robots laughing in response to a joke: results of a video-based online survey [abstract] [presentation]
Saturday February 28, 2009
9.3010.00 Sarah Cieslik, Oliver Gast, Bettina Köhler and Jürgen Trouvain
Inhalation noises, "ja" and laughter in a German dialogue corpus -
Phonetic forms and their possible communicative functions
[abstract] [presentation]*
10.0010.30 Daniel O'Connell and Sabine Kowal
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Act I: Some comparisons of text and film [abstract] [presentation]
10.3011.00 Elisabeth Ahlsén
Laughter when words are missing
a study of interactions involving persons with aphasia
[abstract] [presentation]*
11.00-11.30 Coffee Break
11.3013.00 Jürgen Trouvain
Discussion paper:
Labelling types and segments of laughter and other interactional vocalisations
Agreements and disagreements
13.00-14.00 Lunch Break
14.0015.30 Nick Campbell
Discussion paper:
Technology for processing non-verbal information in speech
15.30-16.00 Coffee Break
16.00-16.30 Final Discussion