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Life is like a book with empty pages and I'm writing my own story in it.

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Curriculm Vitae

Subject of my thesis:

As a musicologist I'm writing my thesis for a doctors degree at the University of the Saarland with the subject:"Çogluotobüsisletmesi und Autobusk - Zur stochastischen Kompositionstheorie von Klarenz Barlow


I'm involved in the following projects:
  1. The aim of this project is to supply a visual representation of electronic music. As an example I take Gottfried Michael Koenig's Essay, Composition for electronic sounds (1957).


  2. Women Composers in the Twentieth Century:

    • Younghi Pagh-Paan: "Das Eigene und das Fremde" - A composer between two different cultures.

    • The Romanian Composer Violeta Dinescu

  3. German mailing-list for musicologists, music computer scientists, music journalists, composers, publishers, musicians and all interested in music:

  4. Future research project: Speechbased Spectralcompositions




Zey, Claudia & Koreman, Jacques (1995): "Die visuelle Darstellbarkeit elektronischer Musik", in: PHONUS 1, Saarbrücken: Institute of Phonetics, University of the Saarland, pp. 121-142.


Zey, Claudia Maria (1997):"Die digitale spektrographisch basierte Visualisierung und Analyse der elektronischen Musik Gottfried Michael Koenigs am Beispiel der Komposition ESSAY - Komposition für elektronische Klänge (1957)", in: Proceedings KlangArt 1997 (appears).


Zey, Claudia Maria (1997): "KlangArt-Kongreß: Musik im virtuellen Raum" in: Positionen - Beiträge zur Neuen Musik 32, Berlin 1997, S.53-54.


Zey, Claudia Maria (1998):"Younghi Pagh-Paan: "Das Eigene und das Fremde" - Eine Komponistin im Spannungsfeld zweier Kulturen", in: Proceedings of the International Conference "Frau Musica (nova) - Composing Today" (appears).

Zey, Claudia Maria (1998):"Younghi Pagh-Paan - Hwang-To II", in: Program Booklet of the International Music Festival - Frau Musica (nova), p. 93-94 (also in part in the CD-booklet).


Mittwoch, 4.6.97, 17.30 (Altes Schloß, Hörsaal) Osnabrück (D) "KlangArt": Congress on New Music Technology: "Musik im virtuellen Raum".
Thursday, 29.10.98, 14.00 Music Academy Cologne: Musicological Conference "Frau Musica (nova) - Composing Today".
Thursday, 18.2.99, 14.00, Doktorandenkolloquium, Department of Musicology, University of the Saarland: "Zur stochastischen Kompositionsphase Klarenz Barlows".
Thursday, 15.7.99, 14.00, Doktorandenkolloquium, Department of Musicology, University of the Saarland: "Zu den Vokalkompositionen Younghi Pagh-Paans".
Thursday, 15.7.99, 14.00, Doktorandenkolloquium, Department of Musicology, University of the Saarland: "Zur Visualisierbarkeit verschiedener elektroakustischer Kompositionen von Gottfried Michael Koenig
Montag, 22.1.2001, 20.30 Kosmos Frauenraum für Kunst und Politik-Wien: Concerted biography about the women composer Younghi Pagh-Paan.


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