Selected Publications William J. Barry

  (with Jürgen Trouvain)
"Do we need a symbol for a central open vowel?" Journal of the International Phonetic Association 38 No. 3, 2008, 349-357.  

  (with Manfred Pützer)
"Instrumental dimensioning of normal and pathological phonation using acoustic measurements" Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics 22 No. 6, 2008, 497-520.  

  (with Manfred Pützer and J. R. Moringlane)
"Effect of bilateral stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus on different speech subsystems in patients with Parkinson's disease" Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics 22 No. 12, 2008, 959-975.  

  (with Jacques Koreman and Marte Kristine Lindseth)
"Preaspiration and perceived vowel duration in Norwegian." Proceedings FONETIK 2008, Dept. Linguistics, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. 

  (with Michela Russo)
"Measuring rhythm. A quantified analysis of Southern Italian dialects' stress-time parameters", In: Antonio Pamies, Mari Cruz Amoros & Jose Manuel Pazos (eds.), Experimental Prosody (= Special Issue 2, Language Design. Journal of Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics) 2008, 315-322.  

  (with Bistra Andreeva and Jacques Koreman)
"Accentuation cues in French and German", Proceedings Speech Prosody 2008, 4th Conference on Speech Prosody, Campinas, Brazil.  

  (with Michela Russo)
"Isochrony reconsidered. Objectifyinig relations between rhythm measures and speech tempo", Proceedings Speech Prosody 2008, 4th Conference on Speech Prosody, Campinas, Brazil.  

"Rhythm as an L2 problem: How prosodic is it?"
In: Jürgen Trouvain and Ulrike Gut (eds.), Non-Native Prosody. Phonetic Description and Teaching Practice. Berlin, New York: Mouton de Gruyter 2007, 97-120. 

(with P. Howell and D. Vinson) 
"Strength of British English accents in altered listening conditions,"
Perception and Psychophysics 68 (1) 2006, 139-153. 

(with W. van Dommelen) 
"Phonetic knowledge in speech technology - and phonetic knowledge from speech technology"
In: W. Barry & W. van Dommelen (eds.) The Integration of Phonetic Knowledge in Speech Technology, pp. 1-12, Dordrecht: Springer, 2005. 

(with M. Pützer) 
"Methodische Aspekte der auditiven Bewertung von Stimmqualität"
Sprache Stimme Gehör 28, 2004, pp. 1-10. 

(with M. Russo) 
"Interaction betweensegmental structure and rhythm. A look at Italian dialects and regional standard Italian"
Folia Linguistica XXXVIII/3-4, 2004, pp277-296. 

(with B. Andreeva, M. Russo, S. Dimitrova, & T. Kostadinova) 
"Do Rhythm Measures Tell us Anything about Language Type?"
Proc. 15th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Barcelona 2003. 

(with H. Eckert) 
The Phonetics and Phonology of English Pronunciation.
A Coursebook with CD-ROM. 
Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2002 

(with M. Pützer) 
"Differential weighting of phonetic properties in cross-dialectal perception"
In: W. Barry & M. Pützer (eds.), Festschrift für Max Mangold zum 80. Geburtstag.
PHONUS 6, 191-220. Saarbrücken University, 2002, 

(with C. Nielsen and O. Andersen) 
"Must diphone synthesis be so unnatural?"
Proc. Eurospeech 2001 Scandinavia, Aalborg. 

(with B. Andreeva)  
"Cross-language Similarities and Differences in Spontaneous Speech Patterns". 
J. International Phonetics Association Vol. 31,1, 2001, 51-66 

(with M. Russo)  
"Syllabes super-lourdes et isochronie accentuelle dans le parler de Forio d'Ischia (Naples)" 
F. S. Miret (ed.), Actas des XXIII Congreso Internacional de Linguistica y Filologia Romanica. Salamanca 24-30 septiembre 2001. Vol. 1. Tübingen: Niemeyer 2003. 

(with J. Trouvain) 
"The prosody of excitement in horse race commentaries" 
Proceedings ISCA Workshop on Speech and Emotion: A Conceptual Framework for Research, 
September 5-7, 2000. p. 86-91, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

(with M. Pützer) 
"Soziophonetische Betrachtungen zu deutschen Dialekten in Lothringen (Frankreich)." 
Folia Linguistica XXXII, 3-4, 1999, 161-199 

"Trends und Ergebnisse der phonetischen Forschung und ihr Nutzen für den Fremdsprachenunterricht." 
Deutsch als Fremdsprache 36,2 1999, p. 81-87" 

"Time as a factor in the acoustic variation of schwa." 
Proceedings ICSLP 5, Sydney 1998, Paper 554. 

(with J. Trouvain, C.Nielsen & O. Andersen) 
"Implications of energy declination for speech synthesis." 
Proceedings 3rd ESCA/COCOSDA Worksop on Speech Synthesis, Jenolan Caves 1998, 47-52. 

"Another R-tickle." 
J. International Phonetics Association 27 (1 & 2), 1997, 35-45. 

"Some fundamental problems of looking at connected speech." 
Arbeitsberichte des Instituts für Phonetik und Digitale Sprachverarbeitung der Universität Kiel (AIPUK) 31, 1996. p. 113-117. 

"The relevance of phonetics for pronunciation teaching." 
PHONUS 2, 1996, Saarbrücken. p. 5-20 

"Schwa vs. schwa + /r/ in German." 
Phonetica 52, 1995. p. 228-235 

"Phonetics and phonology of speaking styles." 
Proceedings ICPhS95, Stockholm, Vol. 2, p. 4-10 

"Variations in schwa + /r/ in German." 
Proceedings ICPhS95, Stockholm, Vol. 2, p. 214-217 

(with R. Benzmüller) 
"Microsegment synthesis - Economic principles in a low-cost solution. 
Proceedings ICSLP96, Philadelphia