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Syntactic Theory

Vorlesung mit Übung: Computerlinguistik, M.Sc.

Leitung: Tania Avgustinova
Ort: Geb. C7 2 / CIP-Pool -1.05
Zeit: V: Fr 10-12; Ü: Fr 14-16
Beginn: ab 26.04.2019
Geeignet für: M.Sc.

This course addresses characteristic properties of different grammar models and covers fundamental concepts in syntactic analysis such as syntactic categories, syntactic functions, constituent structure, dependency structure, the syntax-semantics interface, and phenomena such as agreement, valence, diathetic alternations, coordination, anaphoric binding, word order and long-distance dependencies. The emphasis is on syntactic frameworks that allow for formally precise encoding of linguistic hypotheses and the design of grammars that can scale up to ever larger fragments of a language as is required in practical applications. Problem sets introduce data and phenomena from a variety of languages. Major thematic blocks include:

  • Generative Grammar (GG) and the Chomskyan tradition
  • Dependency Grammar (DG)
  • Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG)
  • Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG)

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Introductory reading on Chomskyan tradition
  • Carnie, Andrew (2001). Syntax. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers.
  • Haegeman, Liliane (1991). Introduction to Government and Binding Theory. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers.
  • Ouhalla, Jamal (1994). Introducing Transformational Grammar. New York: Oxford University Press.
Recommended Reading on Dependency Grammars:
  • Hudson, Richard (2002). Introduction to Word Grammar
  • Kahane, Sylvain (2003). Meaning Text Theory. Dependency and Valency. Handbooks of Linguistics and Communication Sciences 25. 1-2. Berlin/NY: De Gruyter. 32p.
Recommended Reading on Lexical-Functional Grammar:
  • Bresnan, Joan (2001). Lexical-Functional Syntax. Blackwell Publishers: Malden, USA/Oxford UK.
  • Dalrymple, Mary, Ron M. Kaplan, John T. Maxwell III and Annie Zaenen (eds). (1995). Formal Issues in Lexical Functional Grammar. CSLI Publications: Palo Alto, USA.
  • Dalrymple, Mary (2001). Lexical Functional Grammar. Academic Press: San Diego, USA/London, UK.
Recommended Reading on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar:
  • Pollard, Carl and Sag, Ivan (1994). Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar. University of Chicago Press.
  • Sag, Ivan A., Thomas Wasow, and Emily M. Bender. 2003. Syntactic Theory. 2nd Edition. CSLI Publications.

some previous knowledge in grammar formalisms desirable, but not required

Written exam

Stellung im Studienplan
Core course, obligatory for specialization Computational Linguistics; Area L.

6 CP