Praat is a free and open-source, multi-platform phonetic software package developed and actively maintained by Paul Boersma and David Weenink at the University of Amsterdam. Go to for details and download links.

This page used to provide several resources related to Praat, but unfortunately, I no longer have time to update it, and as the links had become hopelessly rotten, I have decided to remove them. If you are looking for Praat resources, you should try the official homepage or the user list, or just your preferred search engine.

The lecture notes for my Praat courses are still available, but I haven’t found time to update them as Praat evolved, and coverage was selective to begin with. The scripting chapter may however still be of interest to those looking for an introduction to Praat scripting and have little or no programming experience.

In case anyone is still using Ultra-Edit to edit Praat scripts, my old syntax highlighting file is still available.