Foundational Course at ESSLLI 2006
18th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information
Málaga, Spain
31 July-11 August, 2006


Introduction to Corpus Resources, Annotation and Access



Tokenisation and Morpho-Syntactic Annotation

[Tokenisation] [Part-of-Speech Tagging] [Morphological Annotation] [Word Distributions] [Evaluation]

Exercise: Tree Tagger

Exercise: CQP

Semantic Annotation

[Word Senses] [WordNet] [Prague Dependency Treebank] [FrameNet]

* general and English: * German: * Spanish: * Japanese: * FrameNet online: [PropBank] [OntoBank / OntoNotes] [Word Sense Disambiguation and Role Labeling]

Exercise: SALTO Annotation Tool

More Levels of Corpus Annotation

[The Prague Treebank] [Rhetorical Structure Theory and the RST Discourse Treebank] [The Penn Discourse TreeBank] [Anaphora and Coreference] [Kiel Corpus of Read Speech] [MATE] [NITE]