Montague Grammar

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Upper level seminar("Hauptseminar")
Instructor: Werner Saurer

Wed 9-11
Building 17.2, Conference Room (2.11)
First Meeting: Wed 19.04.2000

Course content

Montague Grammar - or perhaps better Montague Semantics - has been one of the most influential theories in the semantics of natural languages in the tradition of truth-conditional, model-theoretic and intensional semantics. In this seminar we will have a good look at some of the most important papers on this topic by its founder, Richard Montague, and at some extensions by other people. Towards the end we will also look at more recent works in the tradition of Montague's program.


Montague, R., Formal Philosophy. Selected Papers of Richard Montague. Herausgegeben von Richmond Thomason. Yale UPress, 1974,
Partee, B. (ed.), Montague Grammar. Academic Press, 1976
and various papers.


Pre-Diploma Certificate or Mathematical Foundations I and Intro to Semantics

Course Requirements

To obtain a course certificate ("Schein") you have to give a presentation or write a paper (2 credit points) or both (4 credit points)

Course schedule and topic assignments (in German)

Office Hours

Wed 14-15, Building 17.2, Room 1.08, Tel. 302-4177
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