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Magdalena Wolska
Michaela Regneri
Andrea Horbach
Annemarie Friedrich

Betreute Dissertationen

2011 Hagen F&ueml;rstenau (PostDoc, Columbia University, New York)
"Semi-supervised Semantic Role Labeling via Graph Alignment"
2010 Mark Buckley (PostDoc, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland)
2010 Stephan Walter
"Definitionsextraktion aus Urteilstexten"
2008 Marilisa Amoia (PostDoc, Saarland University)
"Linguistic-based Computational Treatment of Textual Entailment Recognition"
2008 Aljoscha Burchardt (Researcher, DFKI Berlin)
"Modeling Textual Entailment with Role-Semantic Information"
2008 Verena Rieser (Lecturer at the School of Mathematics and Computer Science (MACS) at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh)
"Bootstrapping Reinforcement Learning-based Dialogue Strategies from Wizard-of-OZ data"
2007 Fliedner, Gerhard (Search Engineer, Amazon, Munich)
"Linguistically Informed Quetsion Answering"
2007 Sebastian Pado (Full Professor, University of Heidelberg)
"Cross-lingual Annotation Projection Models for Role-Semantic Information"
2007 Stefan Thater (Research Associate, Saarland University)
"Minimal Recursion Semantics as Dominance Constraints: Graph-Theoretic Foundation and Application to Grammar Engineeing"
2007 Olga Uryupina (Research Associate, Unviersity of Trento, Italy)
"Knowledge Acquisition for Coreference Resolution"
2006 Rosmary Stegmann* (stegmann NLP, Web- and Software Development)
2004 Elena Karagjosova (University of Stuttgart)
"The Meaning and Function of German Modal Particles"
2004 Malte Gabsdil (Solution Architect at SAP AG)
"Automatic Classification of Speech Recognition Hypotheses Using Acoustic and Pragmatic Feature"
2004 Alexander Koller (Full Professor for Computational Linguistics at University of Potsdam)
"Constraint-based and Graph-based Resolution of Ambiguities in Natural Language"
2004 Kristina Striegnitz (Assistant Professor, Union College Schenectady, NY)
"Generating Anaphoric Expressions - Contextual Reasoning in Sentence Planning"
2003 Hui Xu
2001 Andrea Kowalski
2001 Karsten Konrad*
2001 Katrin Erk* (Assistant Professor, Univ. of Texas at Austin)
2000 Karsten Worm
2000 Johan Bos(Full professor at University of Groningen)
1998 Susanna Schray (Kuschert)
*Intensive Mitbetreuung der Dissertationen.