Uphill Battles in Language Processing
Scaling Early Achievements to Robust Methods

Call for Poster Abstracts

The workshop on Uphill Battles in Natural Language Processing will feature a poster session, for which we invite submissions in the form of research summaries (up to 2 pages). Accepted research summaries will be included in the workshop proceedings, with up-to-two extra pages of content. The deadline for submission is the 18th of August 2016, and authors of accepted submissions will be notified on September 8th 2016.

We are planning to partially fund some students and postdoctoral researchers for travel and registration expenses in connection with the workshop. We expect to involve these selected students and postdoctoral researchers in some organization activities on the day of the workshop itself.

Topics of interest and guidelines for writing your research summary:

Our workshop seeks to revive a discussion on uphill battles in natural language processing -- in particular, within the four topic areas:

We invite 2-page research summaries which present work on these topics -- in particular, research which focuses on deeper problems which still baffle NLP systems, and/or research which seeks to introduce new tasks, definitions and techniques. While work making incremental progress in the context of well-established tasks is generally of value, it is not the focus of this workshop. Nevertheless, we are happy to include work-in-progress, as well as analyses of negative findings. We are particularly seeking work which engages with the workshop topics and goals, and will stimulate discussions among workshop participants.

At the end of this call, you can find a list of early goals which colleagues suggested to us. You may use these goals in conjunction with the four topic areas as an indicator of the lines of work we are interested in.

When writing the summary please make sure you address the following points.

Each summary will be reviewed by at least 2 program committee members and evaluated along the following dimensions.

The summaries will be published in the proceedings of the workshop (unless authors indicate otherwise).

Submission guidelines:

Please submit your summary here

Summaries may describe collaborative work. However, students and postdoctoral researchers who are applying for travel funds should be the first author of their papers.

The length of the summary should be maximum 2 pages excluding references. Each submission should follow the EMNLP 2016 formatting instructions. Submission templates can be downloaded from http://www.emnlp2016.net/submissions.html

The reviewing will be blind, papers should not include authors' names and affiliations. Furthermore, self-references that reveal the author's identity, e.g., We previously showed (Smith, 1991) ..., should be avoided. Instead, use citations such as Smith (1991) previously showed .... Submissions that do not conform to these requirements will be rejected without review. Separate author identification information is required as part of the online submission process.

Workshop participation:

The authors of accepted research summaries will be invited to present posters at the workshop. Other sessions of the workshop will feature talks and discussions led by established researchers as well as younger scientists and we are hopeful that students current and future work will benefit greatly from a dialog between different groups.

Early Goals that Remain Uphill Battles

We gratefully acknowledge those researchers who provided input at the early stages of this workshops planning to compile the following list of uphill battles.