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Psycholinguistics Group

Dr. Mindaugas Mozuraitis

Dept of Computational Linguistics & Phonetics
Saarland University
Building C7.1, Room 1.16
66123 Saarbruecken


Mozuraitis, M., Chambers, G. C., & Daneman, M. (under review). Verbal ability, argument order, and attitude change. Discourse Processes.

Mozuraitis, M. & Heller, D. (under review). Coherence constraints on the interpretation of accented pronouns. Journal of Pragmatics.

Tsang, C., Chambers, C. G., & Mozuraitis, M. (under review). How classifiers facilitate spoken word recognition in Cantonese. Language and Cognitive Processes.

Mozuraitis, M., Chambers, G. C., & Daneman, M. (2015) Privileged vs. shared knowledge about object identity in real-time referential processing. Cognition, 142, 148-165.

Schneider. B. A., Avivi-Reich, M., & Mozuraitis, M. (2015). A cautionary note on the use and misuse of the Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) in designs containing one or more within-subject factors. Frontiers in Psychology, 6.

Mozuraitis, M., Chambers, G. C., & Daneman, M. (2013). Younger and older adults' use of verb aspect and world knowledge in the on-line interpretation of discourse. Discourse Processes, 50, 1-22.

In preparation

Mozuraitis, M., Chambers, G. C., & Daneman, M. Sensitivity to referential opacity in narrative comprehension.

Mozuraitis, M. & Heller, D. Speakers’ sensitivity to knowledge mismatch about object categorization.