Relaxing Underspecified Semantic Representations for Reinterpretation

Alexander Koller, Joachim Niehren, and Kristina Striegnitz

Grammars, 3(2-3):217-241, 2000.

Type and sort conflicts in semantics are usually resolved by a process of reinterpretation, which introduces an operator into the semantic representation. We elaborate on the foundations of a recent approach to reinterpretation within a framework for semantic underspecification. In this approach, relaxed underspecified semantic representations are inferred from the syntactic structure, leaving space for subsequent addition of reinterpretation operators. We prove that relaxation does not lead to overgeneration. Our proof exploits some novel properties of tree descriptions in the constraint language over lambda structures (CLLS).

Note: Extended version of Koller et al. 1999.

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