That's me Hi, I'm Jonas Groschwitz, currently a joint PhD student of Saarland University and Macquarie University (Sydney). My key interest is semantic parsing, specifically for AMR (Abstract Meaning Representation, I use methods ranging from tree automata to neural networks.



Jonas Groschwitz, Meaghan Fowlie, Mark Johnson, and Alexander Koller, A constrained graph algebra for semantic parsing with AMRs. In Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS), Montpellier [pdf].


Jonas Groschwitz, Alexander Koller and Mark Johnson, Efficient techniques for parsing with tree automata. In Proceedings of the 54th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), Berlin [pdf].


Jonas Groschwitz, Alexander Koller and Christoph Teichmann, Graph parsing with s-graph grammars. In Proceedings of the 53rd ACL and 7th IJCNLP, Beijing [pdf].