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Current Interests in Basic Research

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Funded Research Projects

The page provides links to funded projects that Hans Uszkoreit conducts as PI. These projects are carried out either at the Department of Computational Linguistics at the University or at the Language Technology Lab of DFKI. His projects conducted at the University are mainly concerned with models of human language processing and linguistic knowledge. His projects at DFKI reach from application-oriented basic research to real application research.

HPSG and Grammar Engineering

Deep grammatical processing is needed whenever language technology is utilized for automatic translation or for getting at the true meaning of sentences and texts. Head-Driven Phrase-Structure Grammar is a declarative contraint-based grammatical framework for the formal specification of grammatical knowledge. In our research, we are striving for high coverage grammars and for efficient and robust processing.

Why has HPSG become the predominant grammatical framework in computational grammar engineering although systems for efficient processing are still under development? How do our projects contribute to research on HPSG-based grammar engineering? Where do I find comprehensive information on HPSG on the WWW?

What is the state of the art in automatic language processing with linguistic grammar models?

Some intellectual interests outside computational linguistics