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Computational Linguistics& Language Technology on the Web
Visit our most comprehensive information service:  LT World

What is Computational Linguistics: a brief introduction to the discipline

State of the Art in Language Technology: the WWW version of a comprehensive book on all aspects of language technology written by more than 50 international experts in the field; funded by the European Commission and the National Science Foundation: a successful result of USAmerican - EUropean scientific cooperation (The book is published by Giardini and Cambridge University Press).

Comprehensive Information Servers

HLTCentral, A service funded by the EU IST Programme
The ACL NLP/CL Universe,  Association for Computational Linguistics
ELSNET, European Network for Language and Speech
COLIBRI, an info server at the University of Utrecht
The LINGUIST List, the international info site for linguistics

CL/NLP Literature: bibliographic references and online publications

Funding Agencies and Programs EU, EU Countries, USA

Professional Organizations: Intl.and German organizations

Academic Departments
  Listings in ACL NLP/CL Universe
  A list of the IMS at U. of Stuttgart

Industrial R&D Labs
  Listings in the ACL NLP/CL Universe,

Members of ELSNET

Selection of LT startups in Germany and the U.S.

Linguistic Ressources
  Listings in the ACL NLP/CL Universe
  ELRA European Language Resources Association
  LDC Linguistic Data Consortium
  ACL Software Registry  inventory at DFKI
  a few listings at ELSNET
  softwareand corpora lists at COLIBRI
  Virtual Library of LINGUIST

  Listings at ACL Universe, ELSNET, COLIBRI

Job Announcements
  Listings at COLIBRI, ELSNET,ACL Universe
 Jobs in Saarbrücken