Petra Dünges

Computational Linguistics at the Department of Language Science and Technology

University of the Saarland

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Petra Dünges

I am a PhD student at the research group for Computational Linguistics in the Department of Language Science and Technology in the University of the Saarland in Saarbrücken. By training, I am a theoretical physicist.

My main research interests are now in the area of formal semantics and logic. I am currently working on my PhD thesis at the chair of Prof. Manfred Pinkal. My supervisors are Patrick Rowan Blackburn and Manfred Pinkal. The subject of my thesis is On the Foundations of Temporal Discourse Representation Theory. Discourse Representation Theory (DRT) is a major theory of formal semantics for natural language and I am concerned with some of the basic building blocks of that theory. My point of departure is the book From Discourse to Logic by Hans Kamp and Uwe Reyle. I propose several extensions and modifications of Temporal DRT. Some results are not specific to DRT, but are applicable to other temporal theories with an eventuality based semantics as well.

I have been working on syntax, too. The book Anaphern, Quantoren und Parallelität by Jan Lerner and Petra Dünges was published by Gunter Narr Verlag.

Apart from this I am interested in the structure of the Arabic language. I have a scholarly interest in Arabic children's literature and I translate Arabic children's books into German.

Once I was a data base administrator for ADABAS (VMS) and a system manager of a VAX cluster at HBM (Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik).

I hold a degree in physics from the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz. I am Diplom-Physikerin, which is comparable to a Master of Science in Physics. I wrote my Master's thesis in the area of mathematical physics in the research group for Theoretical High Energy Physics (=Theoretische Elementarteilchen-Physik, ThEP). In addition I attended seminars on the Arabic language and literature in the then Seminar für Orientkunde of the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität, with focus on Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic.

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