Heiner Drenhaus: Posters


Kügler, F. & Drenhaus, H. (2006)
Negation, Prosody and Replacives: An Auditory Acceptability Judgement Study.
CNS, San Francisco, USA.
  • [CNS2006]

  • beim Graben, P., Drenhaus, H. & Frisch, St. (2006)
    Evidence for nonlinear dynamics during sentence processing.
    CNS, San Francisco, USA.
  • [CNS2006]

  • Vasishth, S., Drenhaus, H., Lewis, R. & Saddy, D. (2006)
    Processing constraints on negative and positive polarity.
    CUNY Sentence Processing Conference, New York, USA.

    Warren, T., Vasishth, S., Hirotani, M. & Drenhaus, H. (2006)
    Multiplelicensor and locality effects in negative polarity licensing.
    CUNY Sentence Processing Conference, New York, USA.

    Drenhaus, H., beim Graben, P., Frisch, St., & Saddy, D. (2005)
    On the interaction between pragmatics and syntax: When a Negative Polarity Item is not licensed.
    Experimental Pragmatics: Exploring the Cognitive Basis of Conversation,
    Cambridge, UK.
  • [Cambridge2005]

  • Drenhaus, H. (2002)
    Blocking effects in the (late) acquisition of German ditransitive Verbs.
    IX international congress for study of child language and the symposium on research in child language disorders.
    Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
  • [Wisconsin2002.pdf]

  • beim Graben, P., Saddy, J. D., Drenhaus, H., Frisch, S., Schlesewsky, M. & Brehm, E. (2001)
    Symbolic dynamics of neurophysiological data.
    Experimental Chaos Conference (ECC),
    Potsdam, Germany.
  • [ecc2001.pdf]

  • B1

    C. Allefeld and the DFG Research Group on Conflicting Rules in Cognitive Systems (2004)
    Contribution of the project B1 to the 10th Anniversary of the Center for Complex Systems Dynamics at the University of Potsdam, Germany.
  • [DFG_B1]

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