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Caroline Sporleder


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I'm fortunate to work/have worked with the following students:


PhD: MSc:
  • Patrick Gelhausen, Trier University, ongoing.

  • Mariona Coll Ardanuy, Saarland University
    Genre-based document clustering of literary fiction represented as social networks, defended October 2013.

  • Michael Fell, Saarland University
    Lyrics Classification, defended December 2013.

  • Joo-Eun Feit, Saarland University
    The Semantic Argument Structure of Idiomatic Expressions, submitted July 2012.

  • Chenhua Chen, Saarland University (with Alexis Palmer)
    Active Learning for Semantic Role Labelling, defended October 2011.

  • Yevgeni Berzak, Saarland University
    Sense driven Paraphrase Acquisition for Idiomatic Expressions, defended October 2010.

  • Masood Ghayoomi, Saarland University (with Ines Rehbein)
    Frame Assignment with Active Learning, defended September 2009

  • Torsten Marek, Saarland University
    Integration of Light-Weight Semantics into a Syntax Query Formalism, defended February 2009.

  • Linlin Li, Saarland University
    A Cohesion-based Approach for Unsupervised Recognition of Literal and Non-literal use of Multiword Expression, defended October 2008.

  • Anna Mündelein, Saarland University
    Identification of Idiomatic Expressions Using Parallel Corpora, defended October 2008.

  • Niels Bosman, Tilburg University
    User Centred Interface Design. Een onderzoek naar het ontwikkelen van een User Interface voor de error corrector voor MITCH, defended February 2007
  • David Alfter, Trier University (with Jürgen Knauth)
    Morphological analyzer and generator for Pali, submitted January 2014.

  • Susanne Fertmann, Saarland University
    Extraction of Selling Eventsfrom Historical Documents, defended November 2013.

  • Phillip Kellner, Saarland University
    Adapting the Yarowsky Algorithm for Frame Assignment, defended September 2010.