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Berthold Crysmann (1998)

The Conspiracy of Quantification and Linear Precedence in European Portuguese Proclisis

A version of this paper has been presented at the Eastern States Conference on Linguistics (ESCOL'97), Yale University, November 20-22, 1997. Presentation of the paper was financed by the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI GmbH).

in: Proceedings of the Eastern States Conference on Linguistics (ESCOL '97), Yale University, CLC publications, Ithaca.

In this paper, I will address the interaction between quantification and lin-earisation in the grammar of European Portuguese (EP) clitic placement, and suggest that a licensing relation holds between a subset of the natural language quantifiers identified in Generalised Quantifier Theory (GQT) and the order in which the clitic and its host must surface. More specifically, I will argue that the class of proclisis licensors is best described in semantic terms (i.e. in terms of logical entailment), whereas the relation between proclisis licensor and licensee should be conceived of as entirely surface-syntactic. The order domain on which these linearisation constraints operate will be independently motivated by data from negative concord.

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