Computational Linguistics & Phonetics Computational Linguistics & Phonetics Fachrichtung 4.7 Universität des Saarlandes



Jakob Prange, Andrea Horbach and Stefan Thater:
   UdS-(retrain|distributional|surface): Improving POS Tagging for OOV Words in German CMC and Web Data
   System description paper for the EmpiriST Shared Task
   accepted for WAC-X, 2016

Andrea Horbach and Alexis Palmer:
   Investigating Active Learning for Short-Answer Scoring
   BEA 2016 workshop

Stefan Ecker, Andrea Horbach and Stefan Thater:
   Unsupervised Ranked Cross-Lingual Lexical Substitution for Low-Resource Languages
   LREC 2016

Lena Keiper, Andrea Horbach and Stefan Thater:
   Improving POS Tagging of German Learner Language in a Reading Comprehension Scenario
   LREC 2016

Andrea Horbach, Andrea Hensler, Sabine Krome, Jakob Prange, Werner Scholze-Stubenrecht, Diana Steffen, Stefan Thater, Christian Wellner and Manfred Pinkal:
   A Corpus of Literal and Idiomatic Uses of German Infinitive-Verb Compounds
   LREC 2016


Michael Beißwenger, Eric Ehrhardt, Andrea Horbach, Harald Lüngen, Diana Steffen and Angelika Storrer:
   Adding Value to CMC Corpora: CLARINification and Part-of-speech Annotation of the Dortmund Chat Corpus
NLP4CMC 2015 workshop

Jakob Prange, Stefan Thater and Andrea Horbach:
Unsupervised Induction of Part-of-Speech Information for OOV Words in German Internet Forum Posts
NLP4CMC 2015 workshop

Simon Ostermann, Andrea Horbach, Manfred Pinkal:
  Annotating Entailment Relations for Shortanswer Questions
  NLP-TEA 2015

Andrea Horbach, Jonathan Poitz, Alexis Palmer:
  Using Shallow Syntactic Features to Measure Influences of L1 and Proficiency Level in EFL Writings
  4th NLP4CALL Workshop

Andrea Horbach, Reducing Teacher Supervision in Short Answer Grading. Poster at DGfS-CL Postersession 2015


Nikolina, Koleva, Andrea Horbach, Alexis Palmer, Simon Ostermann, Manfred Pinkal:
  Paraphrase Detection for Short Answer Scoring
  3rd NLP4CALL Workshop

Andrea Horbach, Stefan Thater, Diana Steffen, Peter M. Fischer, Andreas Witt, Manfred Pinkal:
  Internet Corpora: A Challenge for Linguistic Processing
  Datenbank Spektrum, Springer Verlag

Simon Ostermann, Nikolina Koleva, Alexis Palmer, Andrea Horbach (2014):
  CSGS: Adapting a short answer scoring system for multiple-choice reading comprehension exercises.
  Working notes for QA Track - CLEF Question Answering Track: Entrance Exams

Andrea Horbach. Diana Steffen, Stefan Thater, Manfred Pinkal (2014):
   Improving the Performance of Standard Part-of-Speech Taggers for Computer-Mediated


Andrea Horbach, Alexis Palmer, Magdalena Wolska (2014):
  Finding a Tradeoff between Accuracy and Rater's Workload in Grading Clustered Short

  Proceedings of the 9th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC), pp 588-595

Magdalena Wolska, Andrea Horbach, Alexis Palmer (2014):
  Computer-assisted Scoring of Short Responses: The Efficiency of a Clustering-based
  Approach in a Real-life Task
  Accepted to the 9th International Conference on Natural Language Processing (PolTAL)


Andrea Horbach, Alexis Palmer, and Manfred Pinkal (2013):
   Using the text to evaluate short answers for reading comprehension exercises
  *SEM (star-sem) 2013, Atlanta, Georgia

M. Wolska, A. Horbach, D. Steffen, M. Pinkal (2013) UdS ALLEGRO:
  Computational Linguistics in Support of Language Learning, DGfS-CL Postersession


M. Wolska, A. Horbach, C. Gerstenberger, D. Steffen, M. Pinkal (2012)
  Towards Communicative CALL: Specifying Dialogue-based Activities,
  Proceedings of the 5th ICT for Language Learning Conference, Florence, Italy,
  Libreriauniversitaria (ISBN 978-88-6292-309-5)