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      AUTHOR = {Mehl, Michael and Schulte, Christian and Smolka, Gert},
      TITLE = {Futures and By-need Synchronization},
      YEAR = {1998},
      MONTH = {May},
      ADDRESS = {Saarbrücken},
      TYPE = {Draft},
      INSTITUTION = {DFKI and Universität des Saarlandes},
      URL = {},
      ABSTRACT = {We propose a conservative extension of Oz that adds futures and by-need synchronization. Futures are read-only views of logic variables that make it possible to statically limit the scope in which a variable can be constrained. For instance, one can express with futures safe streams that cannot be assigned by their readers. By-need synchronization makes it possible to synchronize a thread on the event that a thread blocks on a future. It is used to express dynamic linking and lazy functions.}
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